Majority of the Senate behind the dispersal law thanks to support from the VVD

State Secretary Van der Burg is still guiding his dispersal law through the Senate

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The VVD in the Senate will still support the dispersal law. This means there is a majority in favor of the law of outgoing State Secretary Van der Burg. The basic principle of the law is that asylum seekers are better distributed among the municipalities in the Netherlands, if necessary by force. The law was passed by the House of Representatives in October, but there seemed a good chance that the Senate would reject it.

The VVD in the House of Representatives was against it, especially because, according to the faction, the dispersal law would not change the large influx of asylum seekers. Moreover, the VVD felt that municipal autonomy would be affected.

“Don’t let mayors down”

But the VVD Senate faction has more understanding for the position of the (VVD) State Secretary Van der Burg that reception is distributed too unevenly and that there must now be opportunities for the government to intervene quickly. According to him, it is logical “to spread the shelter throughout the Netherlands in a solidarity-based manner”.

VVD MP Kaljouw called the law “not the nicest” and said that the law “certainly does not solve all problems”. “Much more needs to be done, especially in the area of ​​inflow,” says Kaljouw. “But the faction does not want to abandon the mayors, the King’s Commissioner, Ter Apel, the COA and the IND.”

Watch here how Member of Parliament Kaljouw said that and how PVV and JA-21 subsequently responded:

VVD: the law is not the prettiest, but we are voting in favor of it


PVV leader Wilders immediately responded to X with “My goodness”. He told NOS that he was “shocked”. In the Senate, PVV MP Van Hattem spoke of a “twist” that is “not nothing”. JA-21 MP Nanninga spoke of “treason”.

Kaljouw said that the faction did not proceed overnight and that it was “a big struggle”. She also said that “there will not be an asylum seeker center in every backyard”. She called that “big nonsense”.

It had been clear for some time that GroenLinks-PvdA, D66, CDA, SP, Denk, Party for the Animals, ChristenUnie and Volt would vote in favor of the dispersal law. With the support of the VVD, there is a large majority in favor. The new rules are intended to come into effect on February 1.

Schippers defends choice

The VVD faction leader in the Senate, Edith Schippers, defends the choice to be in favor of the dispersal law, against the wishes of VVD leader Yesilgöz. When asked whether she is not insulting her party leader, she responds firmly: “No, that is not the case at all.”

The VVD faction has taken the decision to relieve the smaller municipalities. “But it won’t work if the influx is not limited.”

Earlier today, VVD leader Yesilgöz said that there would be “really no diktat from the party leader” towards the VVD in the Senate. At the end of last year, the House of Representatives led by Yesilgöz did one call to leave the law on the shelf for the time being.

But there was a lot of criticism and the Senate continued the treatment. The VVD leader said today that she is not against a fair distribution, but she would have preferred to do it in the order of “first limit the inflow and then spread it fairly”.

The vote on the law is not until next week, but tonight it became clear that it will be adopted.

How does the distribution law work and why is it so controversial? A short explanation:

This is how the controversial distribution law works

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