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Magistrates, 500 places: written test results online

It was published on the website of Ministry of Justice the notice regarding the competition for magistrates, 500 places, announced with the provision of December 1, 2021 , published in the Official Journal no. 98 of 10 December 2021 – 4a special series – competitions and exams.

In particular, it refers to the publication of results of the written tests occurred by posting on the notice board October 26, 2023: suitable candidates 626 is 3606.

The oral tests they will start next December 11, 2023at the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice. Firenze is the Court of Appeal drawn for thestart of the test.

Eligible list

The methods for theexercise of the right of access.

The Practice sheet it can be consulted from October 27, 2023, between theonline access and viewing will be possible from November 6, 2023.


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