Madame Web gets trailer with Spider-Man and four heroines

15 nov
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Sony released today (15) the first trailer for Madame Teia, the company’s new film that expands the Spider-Man universe in theaters. The initial preview is about 3 minutes long and focuses on Cassandra Webb, played by Dakota Johnson, the character after whom the film is named.

The trailer also shows Sydney Sweeneystar of Euphoria and White Lotus, as Julia Carpenter, Spider Woman. However, it is not unique: in total, we will have three spider women jumping around the cityin addition to Madame Teia.

Ezekiel Sims will be the villain in Madame Teia.

Ezekiel Sims

Ezekiel Sims

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The first trailer too displays the film’s villain Ezekiel Sims, who in the comics has powers similar to Spider-Man, and brings a little of his origins. The antagonist appears dressed in an outfit similar to the famous hero’s look and threatens the protagonist, who can see the future.

During one of the trailer’s flashbacks, we even have a little nod to Brazil. The trailer shows that Ezekiel meets Cassandra Webb’s mother: both worked together researching spiders in the Amazon.

Below, check out the subtitled trailer for the film! On its YouTube channel, Sony also released a dubbed trailer for Madame Teia.

When will Madame Web be released?

Madame Teia is scheduled for release on February 14, 2024. It is worth mentioning that the feature film, like Venom, has a slight connection with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sony is expanding Spider-Man’s universe of characters because it has the rights to make films featuring the hero and his characters. Thanks to a partnership with Disney, there is a chance that Madame Web and Spider-Woman will also appear in the MCU in the future.

In addition to Madame Web and Venom, Sony has already released other films derived from Spider-Man. While Morbius was a failure and even became a meme, the company is also betting on a feature film focused on the villain Kraven the Hunter.

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