M5S, Grillo after hospitalization: ‘Improving healthcare by eliminating inequalities’. Video

After his recovery in the hospital in Cecina, Tuscany, where the founder of the 5 Star Movement had gone following an illness this morning Beppe Grillo through a video that appeared on his blog he denounced the Italian healthcare situation, highlighting how: “Inequalities are the real health problem. When we talk about health we must inevitably talk about society, the environment, nutrition, urban planning. Reduce poverty is to improve society. The health of the poorest must reach the standard of the richest, to do this we need sociologists, anthropologists, architects, because everything is inside, there is energy, what we eat, how we move , the choices we make.”

“Reforming society to reform healthcare”

Grillo had very positive words for the facility in which he was admitted: “I also left that little hospital in Cecina with a very positive experience, in the sense that the emergency room, doctors, nurses, stretcher bearers, I saw them struggling and work in an amazing way. In a ward where I was the youngest at 75 years old, there was also a centenarian. I understand that for doctors and nurses working in those conditions is very difficult. Then they found me a small room, they I’ve done the tests, now I’m at home and I’m fine. But I was able to see the conditions the emergency rooms live in from the inside. 80% are sick from GPs, then there’s the fear of doctors, the excess of diagnostics. They carry out thousands of tests, because the patient wants them, but half of them are of no use. Then there is the aging of the population: on average an elderly person consumes eight drugs a day, the last week of a person’s life elderly costs the healthcare system their entire life. We must separate healthcare and health. Health is politics, and the differentiation between rich and poor is the key to politics, society must be reformed to reform healthcare. It is convenient, not only from a human point of view, but also from an economic point of view, to bring the poor towards wealth, because the poor cannot get treatment, they get sicker and therefore burden the healthcare system. We need to remove this big difference with a basic income, a job, a healthy environment. Everything is involved in health, the politics of society, that’s where we need to intervene. Not starting to intervene on poverty is a crazy economic waste”, he concludes.

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