Luisa Corna wedding in Franciacorta. Crystal wedding dress

The make up was done by the bride. «Putting makeup on relaxes me a lot, and I’ve always been used to doing it for my shows». The hairstyling was based on a semi updo.

The ceremony in the sanctuary where the marriage proposal took place

Luisa and Stefano got married at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, in Palazzolo sull’Oglio. The marriage proposal had taken place right there four years earlier, and at that moment they had decided that it would be the right place to swear eternal love to each other. «The moment I entered the church I felt a great emotion. My mother accompanied me to the altar because I lost my father a few years ago. When I met Stefano’s smiling eyes I felt something very strong. Indescribable”. The father who had followed their premarital journey in Puglia celebrated the union. “It was all very heartfelt, because he knew us well.”

The reception in a convent located on the slopes of Monte Orfano

For the reception, the spouses chose Cappuccini Resort, an enchanting convent located on the slopes of Monte Orfano, among the renowned vineyards of Franciacorta. The place is described as “a poem set in stone”, and is the guardian of an extraordinary history. After years of abandonment, in fact, it has started to live in harmony with the precious territory that surrounds it. The protagonist colors of the arrangement and the bouquet were white and indigo.

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