Lorenzo Pellegrini and the story of the escort’s complaint for stalking

AS Roma footballer and captain Lorenzo Pellegrini was reported by an escort in Rome, Parma and Avezzano. The charge is stalking. The “Code Red” was activated for the alleged victim. She is a prostitute with Romanian citizenship born in 1999. And she claims to have had several meetings with him starting in January. Then he would start stalking her. But the measures foreseen in cases of danger were not taken. According to her, Pellegrini’s behavior would have generated a state of anxiety in her. Rome prosecutors are not convinced by her version. They do not hypothesize an extortion attempt, but send the documents to Parma where, according to them, there is territorial jurisdiction. And they don’t communicate anything to the player.

Messages on Instagram

The girl’s stalking complaint was reported by Fabrizio Corona yesterday on his Telegram channel and then on the DillingerNews.it website. The messenger writes that in recent weeks Veronica Martinelli, the wife of the Giallorossi captain, has received a series of comments from suspicious bots on Instagram. «Do you remember when 5-6 months ago you hired a detective because you thought he was unfaithful to you? You thought well. Do you remember when she was in that villa with friends in mid-July? Did you video call him and tell him you missed him? He was always with me. Ditto when we were on the boat in mid-July.” And again: «Can you tell your obsessed husband to stop hacking and stalking? He already has four complaints to the police.” Pellegrini yesterday denied everything: «My lawyers will take care of it. Now I have more important things to think about, given that my third child will be born soon.”

Complaints and Booking

The girl claims that the footballer wanted her phone and that he had delusions of control. She also says that she was joined by third parties sent by the footballer. And to have received constant messages. The goal would have been to hide or erase evidence of the meetings. It is “a story that has lasted for months” with the complaints presented, “in a period from April 2023 to today, it was a law firm in the capital that the girl turned to to try to put an end to what , according to the complainants, would be behavior that goes well beyond the limits of the law. In the reports made to the police there would also be a request to investigate any other crimes that could be discovered by the investigators during the investigation”.

The red code

The complaints were filed in several cities because the escort said she had rented houses on Booking for her tours. The complaints, explain the girl’s lawyers, “were all presented with the request to activate the so-called red code”. It is, continues the portal, “a protocol that allows investigations into particularly serious cases of violence, including family mistreatment, stalking, sexual violence, with the effect that any measures to protect the victims will be adopted more quickly”. Corona was reported by El Shaarawy after the rumors about the footballer’s alleged bets. Nicola Zalewski has it too sued.

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