Limburg wins the first Regional Song Contest

Winner Emmy Ackermans from Limburg

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Limburg has become the winner of the first Regional Eurovision Song Contest, which was organized by the thirteen regional broadcasters in the Netherlands. Singer Emmy Ackermans won with her song The Last Round the most points.

Three provinces came second, with 172 points. They are Sam and Merijn from North Brabant, Leon Moorman from Overijssel and Wat Aans! from Groningen. North Brabant received the most points from the professional juries, Groningen from the public. The entry from the province of Gelderland came last with 41 points.

English not allowed

The broadcast, which came live from the Stadsschouwburg in Utrecht, was very similar to the well-known Eurovision songfestival. For example, the regional artists were announced with a short promotional video for the province, the regional broadcasters were contacted for the points of the professional jury and there was a ‘green room’ behind the scenes with regional products, such as pie and sausage. In the hall there were also fans from every province waving flags.

Flags, scoring and a Limburg winner at the first Regional Song Contest

English was out of the question this time: artists were allowed to sing in Dutch or in their own regional language. “We want to celebrate the language,” says project leader Bas Treffers on behalf of RTV Oost. “Language determines your identity.”

The aim of the Eurovision Song Contest was also to increase cooperation between the thirteen regional broadcasters. “We wanted to create something that all thirteen regional broadcasters would participate in. And music connects, so we thought: why not a Eurovision Song Contest?” According to Treffers, it took some effort to convince all broadcasters. “We would only do it if everyone participated. But we succeeded.”

Not a top 40 hit

The broadcasters preferred not to have established artists as participants. “It is your job to develop talent as a regional broadcaster,” says Treffers. “So preferably no Ilse DeLange or Guus Meeuwis. People who participate may not have had a top 40 hit. That does not mean that artists are beginners. They are all people who are making good progress.”

The prize for the winner is eternal fame and a heavy trophy. But organizer Treffers “dreams” that the winner of the Regional Eurovision Song Contest in the future it will also be the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

It is not yet clear whether this Eurovision Song Contest was a one-off or whether there will be a sequel. Hits: “I assume it is the first time and that there will be more episodes, absolutely.”

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