LILT and Guardia di Finanza still together to promote health and legality

source: Guardi di Finanza press

The protocol for collaboration in promoting health and legality has been renewed. The important synergy is part of the national oncology plan for 2023-2027

The Italian League for the Fight against Cancer (LILT) – Provincial Section of Siena and the Provincial Command of Siena Financial Police they renewed the protocol for collaboration in promoting health and legality.

The important synergy lies in the wake of national oncology plan for 2023-2027, in which the Ministry of Health found that if a diagnosis of cancer has serious consequences on the lives of those affected and their loved ones, approximately 50% of deaths from cancer and 40% of new cases are however potentially preventable in as caused by modifiable risk factors. From this perspective, prevention and early diagnosis guarantee the fundamental right to health and can also contribute to reducing spending on the National Health Service and the social costs of oncological pathologies, especially when people of working age are affected.

The protocol provides primary prevention initiatives (health education) aimed at soldiers of the Corps, on duty and on leave, residing in the Province of Siena as well as secondary school students in the same territory. In fact, for the benefit of children in the third, fourth and fifth classes, the LILT doctors and the Sienese yellow flames will hold a series of lessons on the theme “In the labyrinth of narcotics” to draw attention to health, having regard to both the health and legality spheres.

To sign the protocol Provincial Commander of the Financial PoliceColonel Pietro SORBELLOand the President of the Siena Section of LILTDr Gaia TANCREDI who on this occasion received the membership card of the National Financial Association of Italy from Lieutenant Comm. Federico PELLEGRINO.

The renewal of the collaboration confirms the incessant commitment of LILT in promoting health and of the Guardia di Finanza in promoting legality and all social responsibility initiatives.

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