Liguria, strong sea storm from Genoa to Camogli: tourists and citizens surprised by the waves. VIDEO

Six meter high waves and flooded coastlines. A restaurant destroyed in Camogli. In Portofino, the storm surprises tourists and residents in the historic flooded square

The Liguria has been hit since yesterday evening by a violent storm with waves up to six meters high. It is the effect of storm Ciaran, which fortunately only grazed her before going on to sow death and damage in Tuscany. After the rain, now it’s the sea that’s scary. As expected, the stormy winds of the last few hours have swelled the waves and now a very strong south-westerly storm is underway on the coast of the entire region. The force of the sea in Camogli swept away the outdoor area of ​​the Golfo Paradiso restaurant. The Aurelia was closed in Arenzano and Sestri Levante. On the Cinque Terre railway, the sea has eroded a protective wall of the station in Manarola, as well as in Ceriale, on the opposite western coast.

Three injured in Genoa, one is serious

Three people were injured, one seriously, after being overwhelmed by the waves in Genoa while making videos of the storm or running for training in dangerous areas close to the sea. The most serious is a 48-year-old man rescued at sea by divers who was taken care of at the recovery point of the emergency room of the San Martino hospital. He was on the rocks for reasons to be clarified and was overwhelmed by a wave which made him fall between the rocks against which he was then slammed by the sea. However, a 47-year-old man who was overwhelmed by a wave in the Foce area while he was on the rocks to shoot some videos, and a 25-year-old woman who was overwhelmed by a wave while jogging on the promenade were discharged with a 10-day prognosis. of Quinto.

Portofino, the sea invades the Piazzetta

The waves also overwhelmed the village of Portofino, in some cases crashing against the restaurants in the famous VIP square. The images show the sea ending up under the porticoes even in the most sheltered area, while on the more exposed port side the breakers passed the ferry dock and crashed against the windows of the restaurants.

Storm surge in Portofino – Michela Ghirardo

The damage to the premises on the coasts is being counted

In Arenzano the violence of the waves broke the windows of a bathing establishment

The waves invade the Aurelia to the west

Even western Liguria is under the grip of the storm with the waves from Varazze to Cogoleto invading the Aurelia

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