Lazio club president breaks his silence: I receive death threats daily

Lazio is one of the most prominent teams in Calcio (Massimo Ensabato/Getty)

Club president revealed Lazio The Italian, Claudio Lotito, expressed the suffering he constantly faces while leading his team, which succeeded last season in achieving positive results that led him to participate in the… Champions League Again, he also led his team to win several titles in the Italian Cup.

The Lazio president admitted, in an interview with the Italian Radio Serie A, and quoted by the Caccio Mio website, that he faces death threats on a continuous basis and that on some days he receives more than 300 threats, but he seemed confident of himself and determined to carry out his mission.

Lotito said in his exciting statements: “I receive many calls containing explicit death threats, sometimes up to 300 calls a day. The average person would probably be afraid, but I move forward, knowing what I did for football.”

He continued: “I also receive threatening calls from teams competing with my team, Lazio. This confirms that we need a culture based on sporting values, but this is what we have lacked in recent years.”

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In recent seasons, football in Italy has faced many crises that have greatly harmed the image of Calcio in the world, given that the stadiums in Italy are considered old compared to the rest of the neighboring leagues, in addition to the problem of violence and the control of the “ultras” groups over the clubs.

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