Laurens Dassen would like to participate in celebrity shows: ‘Yes, certainly’

Laurens Dassen, the political leader of Volt, would like to participate in celebrity programs such as Expeditie Robinson and Maestro. “Yes, that seems great.”


Volt leader Laurens Dassen is now very busy with his political work, but when that is all over, the TV production companies can call him. He would love to participate in all those celebrity shows on television. “I have already participated in De Slimste Mens and I also enjoy watching that,” he says in the VARA guide.

Expedition Robinson

Many celebrity shows cannot be combined with the profession of a politician, Laurens continues. “As a politician you should not participate in programs such as Expeditie Robinson and Wie is de Mol? participate. I’m not an entertainer. Let them call again in twenty years.”

His girlfriend Britte: “But you would like it.”

‘I want Maestro’

Laurens has no choice but to give in. “Yes, Beijing Express and Maestro. It’s wonderful to hitchhike across the world with someone. And I think it would be great to move an entire orchestra in one direction with just a few strokes of your hand!”

What does he watch professionally? “Nieuwsuur and the talk shows are regular fixtures, but I always check on the guests. And on Sunday evening we watch a postponed Buitenhof and of course Boerzoekt Vrouw.”

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