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The only one who dared to risk won it. Lanus The League Cup started with a triumph. And the difference between both teams was ambition. He Saint Lawrence del Gallego Insua speculated, he was very tied and, in a flurry, Walter Bou He slapped him twice as hard as they were deserved for how the match unfolded. A duel in which the Cyclone always tried to maintain defensive order. That was his priority. He was very cautious and lacked more fluidity, change of pace, acceleration and freshness to elaborate. In short, at times A very static team was seen, which lacked decisionwho did not dare to let go of the moorings to go for victory with the level of determination that the match demanded. The tactical system, with a line of three in the background, had the wingers more occupied with retreating than with their offensive function. And that’s why the team generated very little.

The first half was marked by parity. San Lorenzo had a little more possession, but remained divided and disjointed, with Barrios and Ferreira isolated above and with difficulties in supplying Bareiro. Braida was the most pungent with his back and forth and overflows. And he starred in a special duel with Cáceres and also with Carrera, who in their eagerness to stop him ended up being reprimanded. El Granate did not have much fluidity either and mainly bet on the imbalance of Marcelino Moreno, who constantly confronted Giay. In those initial 45 minutes there were very few arrivals. The visitor threatened with a deflected shot from Peña Biafore. And the local team, who in the final stretch stood higher and pushed as a block to begin to sneak around the rival area, came close with a header from Campi that lacked direction.

Lanus 27-1-2024

El Granate beat San Lorenzo with a double from Bou

El Garnet rose in the complement

Lanús started the complement better. Moreno’s offensive forays had been practically alone in the first half, but Boggio came on in the second half and the two formed a partnership to try to build the game. San Lorenzo entered without rhythm against a very concentrated opponent with more intensity. And Altamirano had to show his reflexes to block a very dangerous shot from Loaiza in an action that represented a wake-up call for the homeowner. The Gallego Insua noticed the team was somewhat disoriented and looked for a reaction with the changes: he ordered the entry of Tarragona to have more presence in the area and also put Remedi in to organize the half of the field.

San Lorenzo risked little and always stayed halfway when the local team imposed the responsibility of going for everything. Bou smelled blood and did not forgive.

Both teams still need to oil the operation and amalgamate the new faces. Six reinforcements debuted in San Lorenzo: Romaña and Ferreira were starters, while Tarragona, Remedi, Cuello and Tapia entered the second stage. In Lanús, which had ten discharges, Domínguez, Carrera and Bou, the great figure had their premiere. And Moreno, who returned after his time in Platense, was the best from Zielinski’s team.

The prize went to the only team that dared to go get it.

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