La Renga opened its 2024 stadium season: party and rock atmosphere in a three-hour show in Avellaneda

La Renga opened its season in 2024 stadiums in Avellaneda (Video: Twitter)

With tickets completely sold out and a full stadium, on Saturday night La Renga It was presented at the Racing Club stadium in Avellaneda. More than an hour had passed than expected when the band composed of Gustavo Chizzo NaplesBrothers Gabriel Tete y Jorge Tank Iglesias y Manuel Manu Varela They were present on stage to start the first of the four shows scheduled at the Cilindro.

La Renga played again in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area after almost two years: the last time was in April and May 2022, in the city of La Plata. While in their native Federal Capital, the last meeting with their audience dates back to 2017, when they held a series of six shows at the Huracán stadium between July and August of that year.

Before a cheering crowd, the group began the first concert of 2024 with a repertoire of about 30 songs and almost three hours long, where they reviewed some of the biggest hits in their history along with some of the songs from their albums. most recent. The public applauded the songs from his album Off the grid (2022) and will also be presented next Tuesday the 9th, Thursday the 11th and Saturday the 13th of January in that stadium. In total, about 200 thousand people will see the band from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Mataderos in action on the four scheduled dates.

From early on, the surroundings of the stadium showed the party atmosphere with groups of fans who took over the streets with chants and flags. The same atmosphere that was later experienced from inside when the band began to sing the most notable songs from their repertoire. A rock and roll characterized by the distorted guitar riffs and the granite rhythmic base invaded the stadium while the band put the final point to the tour presenting Away from the networkthe album published in 2022. At the end of November, they held a memorable show in Ushuaia where they reviewed their 35 years of history, which ended on December 31.


Last November, in advance of the historic show they gave in the south of the country, Chizzo reflected in an interview with Bebe Contepomi about the strength of the band over so many years. “The axis is friendship, fueled by music. This is a group of friends and there is a method that friendship is going to make the band work. There is no friendship marketing: we are true neighborhood friends for many years. And we banked on everything during all these years, a lot of things: mistakes, banking on one, banking on the other, sometimes we lost, sometimes we won. And the truth is that we all stay afloat. What sustained that was friendship.”

La Renga performed in Racing in the first of its four concerts in 2024 (Twitter)
La Renga performed in Racing in the first of its four concerts in 2024 (Twitter)

On this occasion, the novelty was in the scenery that replicated the album cover, but the group included in its repertoire a good number of songs from that album, along with its other productions made throughout its artistic journey. It all started with the song By your side, and the audience exploded in front of the stage, with flags that did not stop flying at any time. Psychedelic images decorated with skulls could be seen on the stadium screens. At the end, after three hours of a show in which the fans and the band merged into the same tune, they left the biggest hits reserved for the encores: The end is where I started y talking about freedomwhich put an end to a night of partying in Avellaneda.

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