Krstovic and Colpani on the net. Salentini with ten men, but the defense holds up to the pressure

1-1 and the guests certainly celebrate more than the hosts. Also because Mr. D’Aversa’s Lecce played a large part of the second half with ten men. Monza, on the other hand, complains about the opportunities created in the first half and those not capitalized in the phase of numerical superiority (then in the final the Brianza players are also left with one man less).

The challenge. In the first minute Sorrentino misses the pass towards Caldirola, who then brings down Almqvist in the area. Penalty for Lecce. The match heats up immediately. In the 3rd minute, Salentini took the lead: Krstovic didn’t miss from the spot, coolly wrong-footing the Brianza goalkeeper.

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Monza vs Lecce – Serie A TIM 2023/2024

In the 7th minute Caprari tries to launch the counterattack, but Almqvist is also good at closing. After a phase at a fairly slow pace, in the 24th minute Monza strikes: a quick exchange on the edge of the area, Colpani, with his third goal in the championship, concludes the action with a diagonal shot that beats Falcone. It’s 1-1.

At 28′ Two chances for the hosts: first Gagliardini tries from distance, the shot is deflected for a corner, then Ciurria aims from 20 meters and sends it to the back of the net not by much. And immediately afterwards Colombo harpoons a ball in the middle of the area and sends it out wide. Palladino’s team raises the pressure. In the 33rd minute Lecce tries to come back with Banda who finishes from long range, but Sorrentino blocks in two stages.

In the 43rd minute Lecce’s counterattack, which misses a couple of opponents, serves Banda, who from the edge tries to surprise the Brianza goalkeeper, who is effective in the save to the ground. In the 48th minute, a good chance for Monza, but Dany Mota leans too weakly towards Falcone. Double whistle from the referee.

In the second half, in the 51st minute, Colpani, served in the area by Birindelli, looks for a shot at the near post, the ball not going out by much. In the 57th minute, the key moment of the match: The referee, after also going to the VAR to confirm the decision, shows the red card directed at Baschirotto, guilty of a hammer-foot intervention on Colombo. Lecce in ten.

In the 67th minute, a sensational error by Dany Mota. The Portuguese first had a moving penalty saved by Falcone, then fired the easy tap-in towards the back. At 69′ Monza took the lead. Convulsive action in the Lecce area following the development of a corner, Andrea Carboni, after a save on the line, finds the winning turn in front of goal. But it is an illusion because the referee, after the VAR check, cancels the return for offside. In the 76th minute Carboni himself controls the area and shoots with confidence, a great response from Falcone who takes refuge in the corner. In the 82nd minute Monza’s prolonged action, Dany Mota’s whip from the heart of the area, the Salento goalkeeper maintains his position and blocks. In the 85th minute the Brianza team also remained with ten men: Caldirola out due to a second yellow card. Numerical parity re-established.

In full injury time, in the 95th minute, Monza was still close to scoring. Perfect cross from Colpani from the right, Gagliardini bursts into the area, heads it over, but sends it high over the crossbar. He ends up here. Definitely a point earned for the Salento team, now at 8 points and still at the top of the table. Palladino’s team reaches 4.

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