Kim Kardashian angers Palestinians with her son’s costume

04.11.2023 | 08:47

American reality TV star Kim Kardashian sparked the anger and dissatisfaction of social media users because of the Halloween costume she adopted for her son.

Kim shared pictures of her child, “Saint,” and his friend wearing suits for two football teams, as her son appeared in the suit of the famous player Neymar, while his friend wore the suit of another team. She left a comment in which she said, “Saint disguised as zombie Neymar.”

What was striking in the pictures was the blood that covered the two children, in addition to their clothes, which appeared torn and stained, which shocked social media pioneers, who confirmed that Kim wanted to send a message of “disdain and mockery” of what is happening in Gaza.

A number of Palestinian activists on social media expressed their dissatisfaction with Kim’s behavior, with one commentator saying, “Watch… Kim Kardashian mocking the children of Palestine.”

Another activist posted a photo of a wounded Palestinian child wearing a tracksuit, with a comment saying, “Halloween for you is the reality that the children of Palestine live in.”

Another said, “Were your child’s looks inspired by the events in Gaza? You are pathetic.”

For her part, Kim has remained silent until this moment, despite receiving hundreds of messages under the photos on “X” and “Instagram”, which demanded that she delete the post or issue an apology.

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