Kendall Jenner: Halloween costume is Marilyn blonde

Lhe witching night is approaching, but in and around Hollywood the masquerade parties have already begun. The celeb contest for the most beautiful look is underway and the brunissima Kendall Jenner surprises everyone with the look Halloween in 50s bombshell style. Adding a new chapter to the Kardashian clan’s Marilyn-mania.

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Kendall Jenner diventa Marilyn per Halloween

The ritual trick or treat of October 31st has always been a great inspiration for the top model American. In the past she had dressed up as a sexy witch, as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, as Pamela Anderson and as a character from Toy Story. Now she goes further, paying homage to the most beloved diva of all with an image identical in every detail to her iconic one beauty look never went out of fashion. The fans approve, in just 15 hours the photos are Instagram they earned over 4 million likes.

The Monroe-style short wave cut

Playful, but sexy regardless, the 27-year-old supermodel drastically changes her image and surprises everyone. Without ever disappointing the expectations of her followers who are more than accustomed to crazy disguises, she chooses an elegant and sophisticated Halloween costume. The long natural brunette hair disappears to leave the scene to the wig platinum blonde in perfect 50s style.

L’short, curly and super voluminous haircutsculpted but soft, is clearly inspired by the famous photo of the diva Some like it hot published in the magazine Life in 1953. And it is enhanced to the fullest in combination with the tight black and transparent turtleneck sweater as autumn trends demand.

Up-to-date vintage makeup

Il look bombshell par excellence is completed with makeup strictly faithful to the original, but with imperceptible details that align it with contemporary trends. The eyebrows drawn they are thicker and darker, the Fake eyelashes they are very fine and become longer naturally towards the outside.

Immagine Instagram stories @kendalljenner

The lipstick, however, is not lacquered red like the diva used When the wife is on vacationbut a pink brick softer. Perfect for making the new fake positioned on the left cheek and for photos with a friend Hailey Bieber dressed and made up in Flintstones theme.

A modern (and decidedly thinner) Marilyn who is liked, but who also attracts comments from the most sceptical. Remembering the look of Kim Kardashian at the 2022 Met Gala and of Kylie Jenner at the last Paris Fashion Week, there were those who commented: «This family will never leave Marilyn alone, right?».


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