Kenan Yildiz, who the Juventus striker is and how much he earns

Who is Kenan Yildiz, the Juventus baby striker who is bewitching Allegri and all the fans? How much he earns and characteristics.

Kenan Yildiz (Ansa .-

Kenan Star he is the purest jewel of the Juventus youth sector. In fact, with his goals he is making sparks and, in a very short time, he has managed to have all eyes on him. Allegri cuddles him, calls him back, carrot and stick, but keeps him close. Quality of play, lightning-fast dribbling, personality and much more.

The Next Gen it’s too tight for him, it’s already time for him to play with the grown-ups.

Kenan Yildiz: role and characteristics

We cannot help but start from the technical discussion; Star he is an extremely flexible player and can play different roles depending on the game module.

In a 4-3-3, for example, he has the possibility of being used as an attacking winger, but also as a false player up front; in the 3-5-2, however, he is a perfect second striker, but if necessary he could also be positioned on the wing.

In terms of characteristics, we are talking about a player who is skilled in one-on-one situations, strong with both feet and particularly capable of creating numerical superiority. In the last twenty-five meters of the pitch he knows how to be very dangerous and knows how to put the opposing defense in difficulty.

How tall is he and how much does he weigh?

The Juventus baby talent also has a very important physique; his weight is 75kg while the height he is 185cm. Characteristics that allow him to have his say even on a physical level.

Age Kenan Yildiz: how old is he?

Kenan Yildiz
Kenan Yildiz (Transfermarkt)

Star he is an extremely young player; we are, in fact, talking about a class 2005; next May 4th he will turn eighteen and this means that he has plenty of time to grow and improve both from a tactical and technical point of view.

Time is on the side of the Juventus baby phenomenon; all that remains is to wait to understand what kind of footballing future he will have Kenan Yildiz.

Kenan Yildiz salary: how much is it worth?

From an economic point of view, Star seems to have a rating around 10 million Euros; we must say that, thanks to his young age and the fact that he also has to prove many things, he has plenty of time to raise his market valuation.

After renewal until 2027the boy earns around 300 thousand euros per season.

Kenan Yildiz called up to the first team

The path of Star it was the same as what the others did Soulé, Fagioli, Nicolussi Caviglia, Miretti, Shake e Barrenechea.

Kenan Yildiz Instagram

On Instagram you can follow Yildiz on the account @kenanyildiz_official, which has 79,400 followers. On his profile the boy posts lots of photos of the field, including matches, training and lots and lots of gym.

His shirt number

Yildiz plays with the number 10 shirt in the Juventus Under 23 team, while in the first team he wears the number 15.

Value at Fifa 22 and Fifa 23

The value of Star are Fifa 23 is 55 but, obviously, it has every possibility of growing over time; with regard to Fifa 22, however, there are no values ​​relating to the player.

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