Juventus-Sassuolo 3-0 report cards: Vlahovic tornado, Bremer and Locatelli good

Juventus-Sassuolo, a match valid for the 20th matchday of Serie A, ended with a score of 3-0 at the Allianz Stadium. The goals from Vlahovic (2) and Chiesa were decisive. Let’s see together the best and worst of the match.

===JUVENTUS report cards===

Wojciech SZCZESNY 6.5 – Safe dive on Laurienté, who had tried to mock him from outside. Then he is quick on Berardi, who shoots from the edge (shot also deflected). Two important saves.

DANILO 6,5 – A little clumsy when it comes to setting it up. But nothing goes behind it. Good in the diagonals.

Gleison BREMER 7 – Confident, determined, convinced, decisive. A nightmare for Pinamonti, who doesn’t see the ball. Some valuable early releases.

Daniele RUGANI 6.5 – Right arm, doesn’t make mistakes. Diligent and smart.

Andrea CAMBIASO 6.5 – On the right, a little too foul at the start. He guards the wing and often gets up, even going for the cross. Then it becomes centralized with the entry of Weah. A couple of notable gallops. (Dal 88′ ALEX SANDRO SV)

Fabio MIRETTI 6 – He assists Vlahovic for the 1-0. It starts well, then slows down, with the usual technical inaccuracies, which infuriate Allegri and disappoint the public. (Dal 57′ WEAH 5,5 – He enters and positions himself on the right, with Cambiaso more central. Wasted a good chance on the Chiesa bank. Not a good impact in the match)

Manuel LOCATELLI 7 – Very high pressing. In addition to the playmaker, several opponent interruptions. Very interesting statistics, including recoveries and pass accuracy. Good performance, enhanced by the final assist for Chiesa.

Adrien RABIOT 6 – Struggles to get into rhythm and in the first half hour it is only noticeable in the defensive phase. Then a nice left-footed shot from outside, which challenges Consigli. He regains control.

Filip KOSTIC 6 – On the left, he touches a lot of balls, but is often inaccurate. He risks an own goal in the split, but in fact saves a dangerous situation. A couple of outbursts in the second half. (Dal 82′ ILING JUNIOR SV)

Dusan VLAHOVIC 8 – Juventus is being taken over. Left-footed rainbow, what a mockery Advice: nice idea from outside the area and nice goal. He unlocks the match and certifies the excellent moment of form. Then the super punishment: a personal brace. In confidence, he tries, he pricks, he sprints. Another attacker compared to the one two months ago. (Dal 82′ BELONGS TO SV)

Kenan YILDIZ 6.5 – Ball always attached to the foot, constantly aiming for the goal. She ducks and speeds up. She doesn’t find the winning play, but lights a flame every time she accelerates. (From 57′ CHURCH 7 – Come in and tear. He goes for a shot, but doesn’t find the target. A nice bank for Weah, who wastes. Then the final 3-0 goal. Personal satisfaction that builds morale)

ALL. Massimiliano ALLEGRI 7.5 – Juventus in control. Mature, focused, organized. Vlahovic and Chiesa round off the score. An important and convincing 3-0, an excellent response to Inter.

Dusan Vlahovic

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===SASSUOLO report cards===

Andrea CONSIGLI 5 – Insufficient. Not perfect on Vlahovic’s left foot at the start. He doesn’t seem to be very present on punishment either. Just one save, but a simple one.

Marcus PEDERSEN 5.5 – The push phase isn’t bad. Enterprising. Kostic never skips it. Then he messes up at the end.

Martin ERLIC 5,5 – Booked for a foul on Yildiz, who had missed him. In general he struggles to hold the line. Then he gets injured at the end of the first half. (From the 46th minute TRESSOLDI 5.5 – He comes in and takes center stage. He tries to physically resist with Vlahovic’s excessive power, gets distracted at the end)

Gianmarco FERRARI 5 – He gets the timing wrong and Vlahovic punishes. The Serbian dominates him, difficult evening. He is also warned.

Mattia VITI 6 – Adapted full-back. He struggles to contain Cambiaso’s exuberance, but holds on without suffering. On his side, few opportunities were granted. (From 74 ‘MISSORI 6-On the left, without mistakes. He settles wide and holds.)

MATHEUS HENRIQUE 6 – Elegant, but also combative. The soul of Sassuolo. One of the few who tries to turn on the light.

Daniel BOLOCA 5.5 – Late on Miretti in the first Juventus goal. In general he doesn’t shine: slow, predictable, not very effective in coverage.

Kristian THORSTVEDT 5.5 – Try to withstand the physicality of Rabiot, who however has another step. He can’t make himself heard in the middle. (From 70′ VOLPATO 5.5 – Twenty minutes of nothing. Wastes a couple of interesting situations)

Domenico BERARDI 6 – Anonymous in the first half. Isolated, imprecise, not very present. Better in the second half, when he touched several balls and also challenged Szczesny. (From 70′ CASTILLEJO 5.5 – Distracted entrance. Inaccuracies, wrong stops. Malino)

Andrea PINAMONTI 5 – Extinguished and tormented by Bremer, who always anticipates and stops him. Not received.

Armand LAURIENTE 6,5 – The most active in Sassuolo: he tries, aims and also challenges Szczesny in the first half. He also sends Berardi to shoot. He leaves exhausted. (From 84′ MULATTIERI SV)

ALL. Alessio DIONISI 5 – Sassuolo not very dangerous and pierced three times. Worrying ranking situation. In the first leg he surprised Juve, today he was overwhelmed.


Allegri: “Juventus has grown in awareness, but we are treading carefully”

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