Juve-Inter and Allegri’s provocation: can the catenaccio still be enough to win the scudetto?

Il derby d’Italia. The challenge for the championship, first against second in the ranking. Practically the best that at the moment there A league can offer. A match unwatchable. Grumpy in the first half which at least was played at a high pace and with great intensity. Then simply horrendous in the second, until the end.

The desolate spectacle of Juventus-Inter – 90 minutes of noia mortalwith two goals in the space of a few minutes, which also coincided with the only ones real shots on goal of the entire match – is the result of a team, Juve, who openly played for Don’t let your opponent playand another, Inter, which in fact she couldn’t play. As expected, Allegri showed up with the barricadesto defend the 0-0 (he also candidly admitted it at the end of the match: “The important thing was do not lose”) and focus on the episode, which he also managed to find with the goal of Vlahovic. In the first half the Bianconeri also matched pressing e ferocity in overturning the action, the wickedness of great occasions. In the second half, however, pure bolt, which in any case has completely packed the maneuver usually so smooth of Inzaghi.

There is no doubt that overall Juve has played better than Interwhere better certainly does not mean the quality of play, but rather the ability to to apply il exactly plan and meet the expectations of a big match. The Bianconeri came much closer to the goal than the Nerazzurri, in fact they left the pitch more satisfied. They wanted to defend and they have defended very well, there is no doubt that Allegri is a master at doing so. While Inter almost never managed to attack as they usually do, to trigger schemes, to create their own spaces which the opponents did not concede. So, even though we were playing Torinoit can be said that the draw, which in any case could be good for both, goes better for Juventus, who is confirmed at this point the main antagonist for the title.

The question if anything is: in 2023the old motto of “first don’t take them and then give them” can still be enough for win the scudetto? The rest of Italy is asking this for which Allegri’s anti-football is now a source of easy irony, for some time now there has also been a certain segment of Juventus fans, divided between supporters of the iron and not. It is quite objective that Juventus matches are often a torture, for those who play them, let alone for those who watch them. And that this type of football does Serie A no favors, at a time when world football is going in a completely different direction, has evolved, speaks complex languages ​​and often spectacular.

The esthetes they will turn up their noses, however, at the big match and basically this whole start to the championship has also shown that, however backward, the Allegri’s football can still work. His Juventus had won the match against Inzaghi’s Inter and it is not the first time this has happened. Indeed, if the Nerazzurri had not scored immediately with Lautaro it is very likely that they would never have drawn again. If this was enough yesterday to stop the European vice-champions, favorites for the title, let alone the others. That’s more or less it wager of Allegri, who is paying so far. First don’t take them, then the golletto on the episode arrives. It happened with Lecce, Verona, Fiorentina, Cagliari: The list will continue. Even more so without the double commitment in the cups, which allows you to prepare uonly one race per weekagainst opponents in 80% of cases inferior.

We will never have it counterproof that by playing another way, simply by playing football, this same Juventus couldn’t collect morebecause the Bianconeri still have one rosa first level, with acquisitions and 100 million like Vlahovic that no one has been able to afford in Italy in recent years. And it is clear that the logic of the result condemns Allegri to win, if that fails (as happened for example last year, and long before the well-known capital gains scandal was triggered) everything else would disappear. But to date the classification speaks clear. And if the initial question was whether so little can be enough in 2023 to win the scudetto. The rather embarrassed response to watching Juve-Inter is: maybe yes.

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