Just today! Feirão Gol and Mega Promo Latam with national tickets from R$ 245 round trip

Last call to enjoy promotional airline tickets do Gol’s Birthday Fair it’s yes Latam Mega Promo. We found domestic flights from R$245 round trip, taxes included, with travel dates mainly between February and June this year.

The lowest prices are to fly between Ribeirão Preto and São Paulo and Recife and Natal, or vice versa, but there are departures from BH to São Paulo for R$259, from Goiânia to São Paulo for R$271 or from BH to Rio de Janeiro for R$ 328. From the capital of São Paulo to Navegantes for R$ 424, from Brasília to Aracaju for R$ 492 or to São Luís for R$ 552. There is also from Rio de Janeiro to Porto Seguro for R$ 524, from São Paulo to Palmas for R$507, or to Porto Seguro for R$568. All round trip, with taxes included.

But stay tuned, as both offers have only been extended until today, while promotional seats last. Check out the list of excerpts and links below, or search directly in site da Gol e no site da Latam.

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