Juri Bakr’s bag was stolen at the airport

You are now following the news of the theft of Juri Bakr’s bag at the airport, and now with the details

Riyadh – Ahmed Salah – Egyptian artist Juri Bakr was robbed immediately upon arriving at the arrival hall at Cairo Airport, after returning from the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, where she was accompanied by her husband and infant.

Investigations showed that Juri Bakr had taken a car belonging to a passenger transport company to take her to her residence, and the driver seized a bag that contained a group of valuable clothes, along with a gold necklace studded with precious stones, and a group of jewelry.

Also inside the bag was an expensive steam iron and a device to breastfeed her young son, along with a set of international brand sunglasses.

Egyptian detectives were quickly able to arrest the accused driver, who admitted to committing the incident after his arrest.

Egyptian artist Juri Bakr recently announced her refusal to celebrate her birthday due to the events taking place in Gaza. She wrote through the “Story” feature on her official Instagram page: “Tomorrow is my birthday, and I hope that no one will mention a photo or video in the Story. I thank you from my heart, so that no one will be upset with me, and unfortunately I do not want to celebrate it this year.”

Juri Bakr added, “Unfortunately, during this period, Doub, we are living, working, and eating, and unfortunately, there is nothing in anyone’s hands except that our hearts are with you.”

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