Join the 8th women’s soccer tournament for gender equality

Under the banner of “Stop the ball, raise your heads… enough of the femicide,” On December 2, the 8th women’s soccer tournament will be held with the aim of generating reflection and awareness on the problem of gender violence. The matches will take place at the Lomas Fútbol facilities starting at 5 p.m., promising a day full of emotion and competitiveness.

This event, organized by the Secretariat of Women, Gender and Diversity in collaboration with the Taficeña Women’s Network, has managed to reach diverse sectors of society in previous editions, becoming a relevant space for the promotion of gender equality. Beyond the sports field, the initiative aims to raise awareness about the different types of violence suffered by women and diversities in today’s society.

The event seeks to take advantage of the growth and popularity that women’s football has experienced around the world in recent years, highlighting its role in promoting equality and the professionalization of the discipline in various leagues.

For those interested in participating in this awareness event, prior registration is required at the telephone number 381-2136188. Women’s football, more than a sport, is presented as a vehicle for change and awareness in the fight against gender violence.

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