Johan Derksen stands up for Theo Maassen: ‘Bitch is creepy!’

How could it be otherwise: Johan Derksen enthusiastically stands up for Theo Maassen, who appears to have broken his wife Joyce’s nose. “This is stirring a pot of shit!”


Theo Maassen is in big trouble now that Privé has come into possession of a 125,000-word app conversation between his wife Joyce and his mistress Angela. Joyce isn’t angry about that; she merely asked the magazine not to quote her literally, but to paraphrase. She tells in the texts that Theo tells her got a broken nose.


According to Privé, this apparent incident of domestic violence is not an isolated incident; In eight pages, the magazine credibly explains that Theo has an aggressive side. And then Johan Derksen is of course quick to downplay that. Only Jan Slagter is still angry at a talk show table and we are complete again.

Johan thinks Privé’s article, which took seven weeks to write, is not strong enough. In VI: “If I had gotten this on my desk during my time as editor-in-chief, I would never have published it in my life. Because it is paper thin. Someone has clicked again and the key to the whole click party is none other than Sunny Bergman.”


Ah, Johan puts the Private article aside because there is personal resentment towards advertiser caller Sunny. She was asked by mistress Angela to report the alleged domestic violence by Theo to his employer VPRO. He decided to summon Theo in the spring of 2023, but he talked his way out of it.

Johan: “There is also shame that Theo Maassen has mistresses, but Sunny Bergman has nothing to do with that and the VPRO has nothing to do with it. Only Theo’s wife could say something about it.”

Nonsense. The TV viewer chooses his own favorites and of course has the final say.

Broken nose

The statement about Theo’s wife’s broken nose is based on her own texts, but Johan does not think that is sufficient evidence. “It says straight on the front page that he would break his wife’s nose. The piece then states: ‘Then he allegedly hit her.’ It’s paper thin. (…) That has not been firmly proven at all.”

Private boss Evert Santegoeds responds to this Show news: “The magazine says ‘would have broken his nose’, but in the apps it simply says: ‘He would have broken his nose.’ It’s horrifying to read. Theo’s wife has known that we have been working on this since December and has never said: ‘You are not allowed to do anything with those apps.’”

Creepy bitch

Johan seems particularly bothered by the fact that Sunny plays a role in this story. He keeps going on about it: “I also think that if ladies are angry and want to report it, they should go to the police. You file a report there, but not via Sunny Bergman at the VPRO. If she can stir a pot of shit, she’ll be happy to do so.”

He continues: “If we say something wrong here, she will call our advertisers to tell them not to advertise anymore. That’s hysteria first class. A creep of a woman. And he gets involved in this again and Theo is seriously damaged, right? This is about the worst thing you can get, this kind of publicity.”

Dubious story

Viewing authority Tina Nijkamp expects Theo to withdraw as presenter of Zomergasten. “That’s not what Tina Nijkamp is about,” Johan shouts.

Johan himself thinks that Theo can just keep going as long as he has not been convicted of anything. A bit of why we still see Peter Gillis on TV, so to speak. “I still think we have nothing to do with it. As long as no report has been filed with the Public Prosecution Service, then it is not a matter.”

Personal connection

Just as if Theo can only be guilty if the Public Prosecution Service finds sufficient evidence… There was undoubtedly a conscious decision not to press charges, but that is the reason why Johan drops out: “I think it is a very dubious story.”

And René van der Gijp? He wisely keeps his mouth shut; he says he has drinks with the comedian at least once a year. “I haven’t read it.”

Ah, that works out very well in this case.

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