Job vacancies at Spiro Spates Beverage Company

03:57 PM

Monday, October 30, 2023

Books – Muhammad Sami:
Spiro Spates Beverage Company has announced its need to fill several positions.
The jobs were as follows:
15 representatives (retail sales) in Cairo, Giza and Alexandria.
8 Wholesale sales supervisor.
15 wholesale sales supervisor
4 accountants
4 Data entry
And 2 collection representatives
And 2 senior customer representatives
And 3 human resources specialists and a sales manager
Interview address: 6, Box 1183, Sheraton Residences.
The name of the Spiro Spates drink topped search engines during the recent period, coinciding with calls to boycott a number of imported products, following the position of some Western countries on what is happening in the Gaza Strip.
A few days ago, the company announced on its Facebook page that it had expanded the distribution of its products to include most of the governorates of the Republic.
Markus Talaat, marketing director at Spiro Spats, said that their sales volume has nearly tripled since calls to boycott similar carbonated products.

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