Joan Dongo: Who is the President of the International Court of Justice?

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Young Donghu

The President of the International Court of Justice, Joan E. Donoghue, spoke about the humanitarian situation in Gaza during the reading of the preliminary ruling on “emergency measures” in a lawsuit brought by South Africa accusing Israel of violating the UN Genocide Convention and demanding urgent action to protect Palestinians in Gaza. The International Court of Justice ordered Israel to limit killing and destruction in the Gaza Strip, but without demanding a ceasefire.

The court consists of 15 judges (in addition to two judges from the two countries that are parties to the case), headed by Joan E. Dongo. Who is she?

Joan E. Dongo is an American, born in New York in 1956. She graduated from the University of California and received her Juris Doctorate in 1981.

Joan taught law at a number of law schools in the United States, and also lectured extensively on international law and in adjudicating disputes.

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