“Jeffrey Epstein had hardcore videos of Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew”: the revelation from the declassified documents

Jeffrey Epstein possessed videos of “sexual intercourse” between a woman and Donald Trump, Bill Clintonil Prince Andrew and the British tycoon Richard Branson. It is the sensational revelation that emerged from the last installment of declassified documents on the case. In particular, one series of emails of the 2016 in which Sarah Ransomeone of key accusers of the Epstein abuse trial, was referring to an anonymous woman. The financier-pedophileconvicted of sexual abuse and child trafficking, Yes is committed suicide in a cell in New York in 2019 while awaiting trial for child sex trafficking.

“He confided in me about his casual ‘friendship’ with Donald. Mr. Trump definitely seemed to have a weak for her,” Ransome wrote in an email, adding that the woman had also revealed one to her part of the his body which the former president particularly appreciated: “He told me how he kept saying how much he liked her ‘perky nipples’.” “I also know that he had sexual relations with Trump in the villa of Jeffrey in New York regularly,” Ransome added.

In a series of emails from 2016, the woman also claims to have copies from the red light recordings made by Epstein without his knowledge some VIPs who he frequented, including the tycoon, the former president Clinton and his brother King Charles. The documents are part of a lawsuit for defamation now resolved that Virginia GiuffreEpstein’s accuser, filed a lawsuit against his girlfriend in 2015 Ghislaine Maxwell – later convicted – who recruited girls. The messages were disclosed as Maxwell’s lawyers sought to undermine credibility at Sarah Ransome.

If the story were founded, it would find confirmation what was revealed by one previous tranche of documents on real goals of the trafficking of teenagers orchestrated by the financier Epstein together with his partner: offering minors to “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful corporate executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders,” for the purpose of “ingratiate yourself with them” for his financial activity but also “to obtain potential information blackmail“. As? Having teenagers tell us the details of sexual encounters. OR filming themsays Ransome.

The affair risks compromising Trump’s image again at the beginning of primaries republicanseven if the tycoon has always managed to overcome unscathed sexual scandals. The new ones 17 documents released – for a total of 327 pages – add to the avalanche of information that has emerged in recent days about Epstein’s network of the rich and powerful. Among them the Prince Andrewwho “spent weeks” in his villa in Palm Beachin Florida, where the disgraced royal would receive massagesnewspapers. A girl, identified only as Jane Doe 3also accused the Duke of York of having taken part in an orgy with underage girls during one of his stays on Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean.

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