Jawaher Al-Kuwaiti…married twice, has 4 children, and battled cancer for 4 years

She passed away today, Wednesday, November 1, Kuwaiti artist Jawaher At the age of 45 years after a struggle with stomach cancer, the past period witnessed a significant deterioration in the late artist’s health, especially after she underwent surgery in a hospital in the English capital, London. After her return to Kuwait, she suffered severe stomach bleeding and lost a lot of weight. The situation became more complicated until she took her last breath.

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Jawaher Al-Kuwaiti is an actress, born in Kuwait in 1977. She began her artistic career in 1990 through the children’s play “The Bat,” after which she appeared in a video clip for singer Khaled bin Hussein. The beginning of the millennium was the real launch for Jawaher Al-Kuwaiti, as the audience learned about her talent through her role in the series “Yom.” Another”, but she was absent from acting for six years until she completed her studies, then returned strongly in 1997 through four series in the same year.

The Kuwaiti artist Jawaher married twice, and the two marriages resulted in four children: Maryam, Yaqoub, Mona, and her youngest daughter, Ilan. Jawaher refused to disclose any information related to her husbands, and limited her statements to the fact that she got engaged at a young age after a love relationship, pointing out that she does not refuse to get married again, but she devoted her life to The period after her separation, for her artwork and her young family.

Jawaher Al-Kuwaiti retired twice in her life. The first was after 1997 AD, and she did not go into the reasons and details about why she stopped acting after performing three works in the same year. She returned strongly in 2003, but only two years passed and she retired again in 2005. Because she was exposed to pressures that she did not disclose, she said at the time that she was seeking to free up her time for her family.

Kuwaiti artist Jawaher
Kuwaiti artist Jawaher

In February 2020, Jawaher Al-Kuwaiti announced that she had been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and she stepped away from acting for a while to receive treatment. She received great love and sympathy from the audience, followers, and her work colleagues who prayed for her speedy recovery. She recently published a video clip via Snapchat saying that she had undergone… For five surgeries to stop the bleeding in her stomach; As stomach cancer has spread to the liver.

Among Jawaher Al-Kuwaiti’s most prominent works in television dramas are “Burning Nights” in 1997, “When the Snow Burns” in 1998, “The House of Tsuna Samra” in 1998, “Two on the Road Series” in 1999, “Humans and Humans” in 2002, and “Strange Feelings.” In 2005, “Eid Night” in 2010, “The Blackbird” in 2011, “The Impossible Love Line” in 2012, “A Woman Searching for Forgiveness” in 2013, “Jar Al Qamar” in 2013 and other works.

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