Javier Pastore was offered to Boca: what are the chances of him arriving?

The former midfielder of the Argentine National Team, without a club since mid-2023, approached Brandsen 805’s radar. However, Xeneize is not thinking about his incorporation.

Javier Pastore

At the closing of pass book of the argentine soccerand with our heads set on this Saturday’s debut at the League Cup contra Platense in Vicente Lopez, Boca received the offer of a player who played in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa with the shirt of the Argentine national team and under the wing of Diego Armando Maradona. Is about Javier Pastore, attacking midfielder with a track record in Europe. However, beyond the player’s desire, In the bowels of La Bombonera they do not plan to have him.

The 34-year-old footballer comes from a long inactivity. His last team was Qatar SC, where he played seven months after leaving Elche in Spain and from which He was free in mid-2023. From there, the steering wheel that shone in the Huracán del Clausura 2009, popularly nicknamed Los Ángeles de Cappa, He never found a club that wanted to incorporate him again.

But in the last few hours, his entourage approached the Brandsen 805 offices with a proposal. Not having the responsibility of paying a certain amount to another team, The transaction would be carried out only with an agreement on the player’s salary figure.

Nevertheless, Pastore was one of all the footballers who offered to Boca in this market, as in the case of the Chilean striker Carlos Palaciosy The idea of ​​acquiring it is not in the minds of the leaders, so the Cordoba will not dress in blue and gold. This is added to the fact that the ex-PSG will have to undergo hip surgery that will marginalize him for a time from the activity, a situation that He already suffered in August 2020.

Javier Pastore

What were the last years of Javier Pastore’s career like?

After his footsteps Paris Saint Germain y Roma, The skilled striker arrived at Elche at the beginning of the 2021 season, but only played 16 parties without scoring goals. After a year and a half, he left the Spanish team, whose main shareholder is representative Christian Bragarnik, to land in Qatar SC. But it did not achieve the expected filming. He only played seven games and scored a goal before being released in August 2023.

Javier Pastore

Cover photo: Aitor Alcalde Colomer/Getty Images.

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