Italy-Albania migrant pact under EU scrutiny: Edi Rama attacks Pd

Migrant pact between Italy and Albania under scrutiny by the EU |  Edi Rama at the Democratic Party: "If for the Democrats helping Italy is not left-wing, never mind" - photo 1


The words of Edi Rama

“In full respect of the Italian Democratic Party, I would like to repeat my only point of view: trying to help Italy in this situation, where no one in Europe seems to have a solution that can be shared by all, is perhaps not the best, but it is certainly the least that Tirana it must and can do! If this is not on the left in Italy, never mind, it seems that it is not even on the right in Albania. Perhaps it is simply right”, highlighted the socialist leader. The Albanian Prime Minister then commented on the rumors according to which someone within the Democratic Party wanted his expulsion from the European Socialist Party. “The news spread in the newspapers that friends of the Italian Democratic Party wanted to expel me from the European Socialist Party and then with some delay they themselves denied it, but underlining that the agreement that Albania made with the Italian government is seriously wrong from all points of view – added Edi Rama – exactly the same thing that the many PDs of the Albanian right who are fighting for the right to the same name after subsequent splits are saying”. “I’m sorry that I can’t meet with my Italian friends at the PSE Summit in Malaga, because I’m at the Peace Forum in Paris, but I hope that good, concrete and shared ideas emerge from the discussion on the increasingly thorny issue of immigration. a response that Europe has been waiting for for many years now”, Rama then said.

Tajani: “The agreement with Albania is not Guantanamo”

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani also spoke on the Italy-Albania migrant pact. The agreement with Tirana “is respectful of all community rules and international law”. “It’s not Guantanamo as someone said”, but a “humanitarian” solution.

Conte: “Agreement with Tirana is an expensive commercial aimed at Italians”

In addition to the Democratic Party, the M5S, through the words of its leader Giuseppe Conte, attacked the government on the agreement signed with Tirana. “It is incomprehensible that ministers like Salvini, Tajani and Piantedosi are silent to implement this project that Meloni packages as a temporary mass deportation which will cost us a lot, we have read over 80 million, 100 million in guarantee funds”, stated the five-star president. After a month in Albania the migrants will be “taken back to Italy where we will offer either asylum or a deportation order because we cannot repatriate them. And therefore they will be able to” in any case “spread across our territory. Yet another commercial on the skin of Italians, who But they’re not stupid.”

Undersecretary Fazzolari’s reply on the parliamentary passage

After the criticisms of Elly Schlein who accused the government of making international agreements without going through Parliament, the reply arrived from the undersecretary for the implementation of the program Giovanbattista Fazzolari. A parliamentary debate, why not, there is no resistance to it.” But the memorandum of understanding with Tirana on migrants “does not require parliamentary ratification because it is not a new international treaty between Italy and Albania. There will be an “implementing” regulatory act that will pass through Parliament, but there is no need for ratification,” he explained.

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