Italian Cup 2024-27, Mediaset wins over Rai

After Serie A, the Italian Cup also finds its home. Which for 2024-27 will be Mediaset. The Cologno group has the audiovisual rights of the Italian Cup and Super Cup in its bag for the three-year period 2024-2027. According to Il Sole 24 Ore, the operation will bring just over 51.8 million euros into the Lega Serie A coffers. Which with the variable part rises to 56. Extendable to 58 with 2 million production costs. Less than the 62 as a starting point, but more than the 48 million brought home in the three-year period 2021-24.

Once the offer expired, the top-flight clubs, gathered in videoconference, then decided on the Italian Cup and Super Cup. A decision which, according to what was reconstructed by Il Sole 24 Ore, would certainly not have been in the balance due to the comparison of offers. RTI’s initial offer of 50.3 million was offset by 20 million from Rai. Then the 50.3 million reached 51.825 million, to which add 3.8 million in bonuses. As for the variable part, however, it would be linked to audience parameters: 6.5 million spectators for the semi-finals and 8.5 million for the final. Anything but a joke.

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