“It was a strong and courageous love”

Paola ToeschiDodi Battaglia’s last wife, was 51 years old when she died, she was born in Borgomanero but he had been living in Bologna for several years now. She was an actress and had also shot many television commercials. Paola loved to write: in the book “Stronger than evil. With faith I conquered cancer” she had decided to talk about the illness that had made her suffer for years: brain cancer.

The meeting with Dodi Battaglia and his wife Paola

Paola Toeschi e Dodi Battaglia they met in the early 2000s. In 2005 they became parents to their only daughter, Sofia. Dodi Battaglia had already had 3 children from previous relationships: Sara Elisabeth and Serena Grace, with his first wife Louise Van Buren, and Daniele, with his ex-partner Loretta Lanfredi. The couple decided to get married in 2011.

Paola Toeschi and Dodi Battaglia decided to get married in 2011 after several years of engagement. The musician, 70 years old, had two marriages and three children behind him (Sara Elisabeth (1975) and Serena Grace (1977) born from his love for Louise, and Daniele, born in 1981 to Loretta Lanfredi). Shortly before the wedding, Paola had spoken publicly, for the first time, about her illness, but also about the enormous support that she had drawn from her faith in God and in Our Lady of Medjugorje in dealing with it. “I came home a different person. Once I got there I felt at peace and in the meantime I didn’t even think about the illness anymore. The Madonna turns you like a sock,” Paola said on television, speaking of the journey that had changed her life and which she repeated twice a year.

The discovery of the disease was a hard blow for Paola: “Until the night before I was fine, the morning after the crisis and the diagnosis: brain tumor. The world falls on you,” she said on the occasion of the release of her first book. Then the thought of her for her girlfriend: “I thought about my daughter, who was very small and she would be left alone, and I wondered why it had happened to me”.

In 2010 Paola Toeschi’s life was turned upside down by a terrible discovery: the diagnosis of a brain tumor. Thus began a nightmare of therapies and interventions. “Until the night before I was fine, the morning after the crisis and the diagnosis: brain tumor. The world falls on you.” he said in an interview. Paola lived through her illness always counting on the support of her husband, who had suggested she go to hospital pilgrimage to Medjugorje. “I went there for the first time in June 2013. From that moment I began to have an intense joy, that place gave me enormous energy,” the actress admitted. And again: “I started to pray, to thank Our Lady for the gift she had given me. I was grateful for the illness, because if it hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have been able to have this experience.”

Paola Toeschi had really managed to win his battle. Faith, she revealed, had also allowed her to recover from a psychological point of view. In the last period, however, the evil had returned to torment her. An ordeal that unfortunately ended with the death announced via social media by her husband Dodi Battaglia in 2021.

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