Israel confirms the death of Shani Louk, an artist kidnapped by Hamas whose body was displayed by terrorists; find out who the young woman was

The government of Israel confirmed this Monday, 30th, the death of the young German-Israeli DJ Shani Louk, whose body was displayed in a pickup truck by terrorists from Hamas in a video released after the unprecedented attack on southern Israel on October 7th.

“We are devastated to report that the body of German-Israeli Shani Louk has been found and identified,” said the Israeli Foreign Ministry on the social network X, the former Twitter.

Shani’s mother, Ricarda Louk, also confirmed her daughter’s death. She told the German news agency DPA who was informed by the Israeli military of the death of the 22-year-old girl. She said her daughter’s body was not found, but a bone chip from her skull was located and subjected to DNA testing.

The statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalls that the young woman was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists who invaded a music festival in Israeli territory that was taking place near the Gaza Strip. “She was kidnapped at the music festival, tortured and exhibited in Gaza by terrorists. of Hamas, experienced unfathomable horrors,” said Israel’s Foreign Ministry. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Shani’s friends and family during this unimaginable nightmare. May her memory be a blessing,” she added.

Shani Louk disappeared shortly after the Hamas attack on Israeli territory on October 7, during which 1,400 people were killed, more than 5,400 were injured and at least 230 were taken hostage and taken to the Strip. Gaza. She was in electronic party that was the target of one of the first attacks, where more than 260 bodies were found.

Shani’s cousin Nicole Louk, speaks to journalists on October 15th. Next door, you can see a photo of the young DJ who was kidnapped by Hamas. Photo: Thomas COEX / AFP

Shortly after the attack, images began to circulate online of a nearly naked young woman, apparently unconscious, in the back of a pickup truck, surrounded by armed men. Shani’s family indicated that they recognized her by her tattoos and dreadlocks.

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The 22-year-old was a DJ and tattoo artist. According to the German press, Shani never lived in Germany, but regularly went to the country to visit family. Her mother, Ricarda, who has roots in southern Germany, went to Israel after converting from Catholicism to Judaism three decades ago./EFE

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