Is Travel Tuesday really the best day to book your holiday?

Travel Tuesday

The discounts flew in on Friday, November 24 Black Friday around the ears, and after a weekend of shopping you ended Monday with Cybermonday. The cupboard is again full of things that are very much needed, right? Then now is the time Travel Tuesday. The name says it all: the day on which you can score the best holiday and travel deals.

Like most trends, this term also came from the United States, where a number of travel providers are focusing on it. There seem to be discounts on accommodations and flights of more than forty percent going around there. But what about here in the Netherlands, does this also apply to Dutch holiday providers? LINDA. asks the Consumers’ Association and ANVR, the General Dutch Association for Travel Companies.

Big discount?

The Consumers’ Association keeps it short. According to spokesperson Joyce Donat, they have not investigated these deals and cannot say anything further about them. The ANVR cannot provide clarity either. In fact, they weren’t even aware of the discount day. They do say: “If a company suggests that there is a deal on, for example Travel Tuesday, then a discount must actually be given.”

After a search on the internet, LINDA sees. also no major discounts or offers, besides those still ongoing Black Friday deals. Some Dutch travel companies such as Corendon in Tui advertise with it, but an overwhelming offer full of discounts is certainly not to be found. In short, that dream holiday can be booked at any time and you don’t have to wait for ‘Travel Tuesday’ for this. Like several trends, it may take some time and it will have completely spread from America by next year.

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