Is today? Fans eagerly await GTA 6 trailer; understand

There’s nothing else to talk about in the gaming world. Tuesday (24) dawned with enormous expectations: is today the day we will see a trailer, or teaser, for the long-awaited GTA 6? Many fans believe so – and the game is already one of the most talked about topics on the social network.

The main reason for all this confidence is explained in the table below, published by the profile @GTA6Plus:

table GTA 6

What does it mean? That Rockstar Games has a great habit of announcing its games on Tuesdays in October, two years before they are released. And as GTA 6 is expected to hit the market in 2025, according to several leaksif tradition is maintained, the revelation should/could be made today.

Other internet users point out some possible signs, such as the fact that the video page on Rockstar’s official website has been constantly updated over the last few hours, in addition to the fact that the company’s profile on X hasn’t published for a few days and doesn’t have a pinned post.

A Brazilian fan, including, said to have access to a developer version of the game and it even made news in the international community, but very few people seem to have faith that it is something real. Well, the clock is ticking. We just have to wait and see if we will have any news on October 24, 2023.

GTA 6 won’t be 750GB in size or cost $150

In recent months, the internet has been dominated by rumors about the development of GTA 6. Fortunately, they did not gain traction and drew more attention for their absurdity than for their truthfulness. Some of them, for example, suggested a size of 750 GB and a price of US$150. Well, that’s not going to happen. know more here.

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