Iran begins legal procedures regarding the Kerman bombings and threatens the perpetrators News


The Iranian Foreign Minister announced Hussein Amir Abdullahian His country has begun international legal and political measures regarding the double explosion that occurred in Kerman Province, which led to the death of more than 100 people and the injury of dozens.

The Iranian minister explained that his country’s Foreign Ministry had initiated legal and political measures through the United Nations, expressing his deep sorrow and offering condolences to the families of the victims and the Iranian people.

For its part, the Iranian Permanent Representation to the United Nations said, “Tehran will respond with fire and anger to the organizers and perpetrators of this terrorist attack, and all those who aided and incited it,” calling in a post on the X platform for the UN Security Council to condemn the attack.

Yesterday, Wednesday, two explosions occurred 10 minutes apart, targeting crowds in the Kerman province in southern Iran that were commemorating the fourth anniversary of the assassination of the former leader of the…Quds Force in Revolutionary Guards Iranian Qasem Soleimani With an American strike.

The government declared general mourning in the country for one day, and expressed its condolences to the families of the victims and its wishes for a speedy recovery for the wounded.

The double explosion in the Iranian province of Kerman killed nearly 100 people (French)

Iran threatens

After the incident, the Iranian guide said Ali Khamenei The response to the Kerman explosions will be harsh, and the soldiers of Qasem Soleimani’s path will not bear the crime, he said.

In turn, the Iranian President said Ibrahim Raisi “Revenge against those behind the terrorist attack in Kerman is inevitable and definitive.” He added, “We strongly condemn the terrorist crime in Kerman, and we warn Israel that it will pay a heavy price for the Kerman crime, which will make it regret it.”

The Deputy Political Affairs Officer in the Iranian President’s Office announced that Raisi had canceled a visit to Turkey that was scheduled for Thursday, according to Tasnim Agency.

For his part, Iranian Vice President Mohammad Mokhber said, “The pure blood of innocent people from our people was spilled in Kerman by the agents of the Zionist entity and its supporters.”

As for the Commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Brig Ismail QaaniHe said, “The Kerman bombing was carried out by agents of Israel and the United States of America.”

Qaani continued, “The attack was secured by America and the Zionist entity, but we will not give up trying to eliminate Israel.”

A senior advisor to the presidents of both Israel and the United States held responsibility for the two explosions. Muhammad Jamshidi wrote on the

America denies its involvement

But the United States denied any involvement between itself or its ally, Israel, in the two bombings. The US State Department said that the United States was not involved in any way in the Kerman explosions, and that there was no reason to believe Israel was involved.

The US State Department added on Wednesday that Washington remains deeply concerned about the risk of the war in Gaza spreading to other fronts in the Middle East.

Israeli occupation army spokesman Daniel Hagari also denied Israel’s responsibility for the attack.

He said in a press conference, “We have no comment on the bombings that occurred in Iran, and we are focusing on the war against Hamas.”

On January 3, 2020, Soleimani was killed, along with him Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis Deputy Commander of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, as a result of an American air strike near Baghdad.

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