International Justice: What comes after the court’s decision regarding the Gaza war?

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The International Court of Justice ordered Israel on Friday to prevent acts of genocide against Palestinians and make more efforts to help civilians, without ordering a ceasefire as requested by South Africa.

The United Nations International Court of Justice asked Israel, on Friday, to “prevent and punish incitement to genocide against the Palestinians,” as part of its preliminary ruling on the lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel, accusing it of committing “genocide” in the Gaza Strip, without ordering A ceasefire as requested by South Africa.

South Africa filed the lawsuit in the International Court of Justice last month, asking it to impose emergency measures to stop the fighting that has killed more than 26,000 Palestinians, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

During the sentencing, the judges said that Israel must take all measures within its authority to prevent and punish its forces from committing acts of genocide, in addition to taking the necessary steps to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

What does the decision mean?

International law expert Anis Al-Qassim says, “The court’s decision obligates Israel to lift the blockade on basic supplies, such as medicine, water, and food, which is very important for people who are dying of hunger, in addition to obliging Israel to implement other requests received from the court.”

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