Inter takes the lead, but América seeks a draw at Beira-Rio

Playing at home, Inter took the lead with Enner Valencia, but conceded the draw to Coelho in the final stage, thanks to a great goal from Marlon.

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Inter x América at Beira-Rio, in Porto Alegre -

Inter x América at Beira-Rio, in Porto Alegre –

Photo: Mourão Panda / América / Esporte News Mundo

Inter and América were tied 1-1 on Wednesday night (1), at the Beira-Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre. Colorado took the lead with Enner Valencia, in the initial stage, and was winning important points, but conceded the draw in the final stage, with a great goal from Marlon. With the result, Inter remains in the “second part” of the table, in 13th position, with 39 points. América remains in last place, with 20 points won.


The match started with both teams exchanging attacks, but without danger. The first good chance came from Inter’s goal. In the 14th minute, defender Nico Hernández advanced to the attack and crossed into the area. Enner Valencia went up in the middle of América’s defense and headed the ball to make it 1-0. At 20′ Coelho tried to respond, after the defender’s launch on the right of the attack, Rodriguinho found Juninho in the area, but the ball was too strong and hit weakly for Rochet’s goal.

At 34′ Wanderson makes a beautiful move on the left wing and crosses into the area. The pass skims the crossbar and goes out along the baseline. At 41, Inter arrived once again, but Jori made a good save. Enner Valencia received it on the left, went through the marking and hit hard and América’s goalkeeper was there to save. Soon after, Rodriguinho responded for América, but at the time of completion, the ball went over the goal.

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The final stage started with América better, looking for a draw. At 2′ Felipe Azevedo took a risk from outside the area, but the shot went over the mark. In the 6th minute, after a corner taken by Benítez, Maidana headed the ball in, but the ball went wide. The big opportunity was in the 8th minute after Juninho Mastriani’s cross failed to reach, the remainder fell to Martinez, who was face to face with Rochet, but Nico arrived and cut for a corner.

Soon after, Inter improved, arriving in danger at 16′ with Aránguiz, he took a risk from outside the area, the ball deflected off Alan Patrick and skimmed the post. Soon after Alan Patrick arrived again, sent the shot from outside the area, but the ball went out, passing very close to Jori’s goal.

However, América showed power to react and tied the game with a great goal from Marlon. In the 28th minute, the full-back caught the leftover ball away from the corner and took a risk from outside the area, hitting Rochet’s corner, with no chance of defense. Inter tried to arrive with Alan Patrick on the dead ball in the 32nd minute, but the shot went wide, causing danger to América’s goal. Inter had possession of the ball, tried to make final pressure, but without much organization. The last chance was at 51′, when Enner Valencia crossed into the area, Lucca took a risk, but sent it out.

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