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The influencer from Paraíba Hytalo Santos went viral this week after showing details of his wedding with fellow influencer Euro. The fact that caught the attention of internet users was that the couple decided to send the wedding invitation accompanied by an iPhone 15 Pro Max for each guest.

Furthermore, the ceremony, which took place this Thursday (11/30), was practically empty. In the stories, the influencer commented: “I arrived. The only people who didn’t arrive were the guests”, and the news became a topic again on social media. And this Friday (12/01), with the repercussions of the party, Hytalo spoke out about what happened.

“I could arrive here today crying, playing the victim and gaining a few pounds of followers, and the people would feel sorry, because the people are already feeling sorry. There are a lot of pages commenting. Don’t feel sorry for me, if God He put me here today because I can give my iPhone in the invitations, because God honored and blessed us”, he comments in the video.

“I didn’t come here to cry, I didn’t come to make drama or talk bad about anyone who didn’t come to my wedding. Especially because no one has an obligation, giving an iPhone or giving a car in the invitation. These iPhones were supposed to be souvenirs, whoever saw the preparations at the wedding he saw that I would only give them at the end, but I went ahead with the invitations. I wanted to seal them and they did. Everyone knew about the invitations”.

“I called, I think, on my fingers, 5 or 6 famous people. My parties don’t even have famous people, but it was a special moment. Of those, about 3 asked to come and I sent them the invitations too, and those who asked didn’t come, but it’s not happening It’s missing. If I sent an iPhone to other people’s houses, it’s because it’s not needed”, concludes the influencer.

Hytalo Santos comments on marriage — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Hytalo Santos comments on marriage — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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