Incomes from social, unemployment and compulsory health insurance up in Azerbaijan

In January-October of this year, the receipts on compulsory state social insurance taxes exceeded 4.2 billion manats ($2.5 billion) (+14.4%) in the conditions of the process of “whitening” the number of employees and the wage fund in Azerbaijan, Report informs, citing the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy.

Over the past year, the incomes of non-budgetary organizations increased by 15.3% to 2.7 billion manats ($1.6 billion).

During the reporting period, the income from unemployment insurance premiums increased by 15.8% to 148.7 million manats ($84.5 million), and the income from non-budgetary organizations rose by 15.5% to 110.1 million manats ($64.8 million).

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