Incidents due to the Colón-Gimnasia de La Plata match: fans of both teams caused destruction in Rosario

The “Sabalero” fans threw the seats at the Newell’s stadium where they believed the leadership was located

Moments of tension were experienced in Rosariomore precisely in “The ColossusMarcelo Bielsawhere the match between Colón y La Plata Gymnasticssince the fans in faced the Santa Fe Policeas well as destroying the stadium and the surrounding area.

Regarding football, the situation was complex, both clubs were playing to remain in the first division. After a difficult match, Colón could not reverse the situation and lost 1 to 0 with Gimnasia de La Plata; Thus, he descended to First B National, under the gaze of all the fans who were present at El Coloso.

Before the match ended, the referee was forced to pause the game because some fights broke out in the stalls where Colón’s supporters were.

In this context of conflict, the fans began to destroy the stadium of Newell’s where the match was played after the match ended. According to local media information Rosario 3the most affected sectors were the new boxes, an area that had been inaugurated recently.

While they destroyed the stadium that had been rented for 2 million pesos, the “Sabalero” fans chanted at the Board of Directors, and the players were also the target of insults.

Colón was relegated on Friday after losing against Gimnasia de La Plata 1 to 0

Likewise, the target of the sympathizers were the leaders of the “Sabalero.” They broke the seats and began to throw them towards the boxes, where they believed the Colón authorities were, but in reality Newell’s leaders were there, in line with what they specified from the Security area at the time. Santa Fe Newspaper.

In this regard, the Undersecretary of Prevention in Sports Entertainment and Mass Events, Hernán Breststated that “they tore a cloth from a fabric, broke seats and there was a conflict in a box due to a specific situation.”

However, once they managed to control the situation inside the stadium, the riots continued in the vicinity of the field and they began to throw bottles at the Police, so the Mounted Police Corps participated in the operation and rubber bullets were used. to dispel those who generated the disturbances.

Regarding the work carried out by the officers, Brest highlighted that the police operation “was quite successful, since there were no serious situations,” as he considered in a dialogue with the local media. Three.

Although the fury of the Colón fans captured attention after the match, before the match the supporters of Gimnasia Esgrima de La Plata destroyed the surroundings of the stadium.

The Municipality of Rosario will ask the clubs and the AFA to take care of the repair costs of the Fuente de los Españoles (x @radio2rosario)
The Municipality of Rosario will ask the clubs and the AFA to take care of the repair costs of the Fuente de los Españoles (x @radio2rosario)

The objective was the Fountain of the Spanishlocated on the fenced property in the Rosedal of the Independence Parkwhich was vandalized with graffiti and some of its pillars were destroyed.

Faced with this, the Municipality of Rosario He announced that he will request compensation corresponding to the Argentine Football Association (AFA). As reported by the Secretary of Economic Development and Employment, Sebastian Chalethe authorities carry out a survey of the damages caused and “will demand that the AFA and to the clubs to bear the cost of the arrangements.” “Rosario is respected,” he said.

“The mayor, Pablo Javkin, ordered to accompany this claim with evidentiary audiovisual material. “Those who damage what belongs to all Rosario residents will not go unpunished,” he concluded his message.

In the operation for the match, 1,500 troops participated, one thousand were working in Parque Independencia, while another 500 participated in the shielding of each of the teams, that is, 250 guarded the transfer of the Gimnasia team and another 250 the route taken. by Columbus.

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