In Hebrew… Basma Wahba sends a message to the Israeli people

I directed the media Basma WahbaA message in Hebrew addressed to the Israeli people, as a result of the current events in Palestine, including the bombing and displacement of the people of Gaza.

Basma Wahba speaks Hebrew

Media raised Basma WahbaThere was widespread controversy among social media users, because she spoke the Hebrew language, to send a message to the Israeli people, while presenting her episode on the “90 Minutes” program.

Basma said in Hebrew, asking the Israelis to ask the government: “Why didn’t you talk about the prisoners?” Why is Netanyahu risking the prisoners by cutting off water, food, and electricity from the Strip?, including the prisoners inside Gaza.”

Basma Wahba added that she addressed the Israeli people, asking them to be aware, saying: “The people of Israel, stand up. I said that Netanyahu is not a wise prime minister. This is a reckless person and a war criminal. He did not talk about the prisoners and did not care about their fate inside the Gaza Strip, despite their large number.”

Basma Wahba

Basma Wahba appeals to Israeli media professionals

She appealed to Israeli media professionals to recalculate and search for a solution so that the Israeli and Palestinian peoples can live in peace, saying: “You must know that Palestine is a land for the Palestinians, and there is no divine text that says that Israel’s place is Palestine.”

Basma Wahba

She explained that there are people in Israel who are aware of the truth of what is happening, including a representative in the Israeli Knesset when he declared that what is happening in Gaza is the “Holocaust,” and what Israel is doing to Gaza like what Hitler did to the Jews, and compulsory residency was imposed on this representative, and the Israeli government is a liar. in everything.

The reason why Basma Wahba speaks Hebrew

Basma Wahba justified her speech in Hebrew by saying: “I want the Israeli people to know what Benjamin Netanyahu is doing to the Palestinians, because unfortunately most of the posts published on social media are only us who see them because they are blocked and blacked out, and they ban accounts that support the Palestinian cause.”

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