If you have leftover bechamel, I’ll tell you how to reuse it so you avoid waste and create special recipes

With leftover bechamel you can create special recipes you can’t even imagine. All that remains is to find out.

The Béchamel is one of the classic sauces that allows us to prepare many recipes, not just baked pasta, but what happens if we have prepared more than necessary? Nothing, because the advanced bechamel it can be reused without problems, today we will tell you how.

If you have leftover bechamel, I’ll tell you how to reuse it so you avoid waste and create special recipes Ricettasprint

Obviously we are referring to the bechamel prepared at home, we know that we always exaggerate with the quantities, but when there is too much leftover it is a real shame to waste it. Béchamel can be stored in the fridge, but not for long, it is one of the easily perishable foods, so it should be consumed in close quarters. At this point all that remains is to find out how to reuse it in the best possible way.

Leftover bechamel can also be used like this

In view of Christmas we all spend several hours in the kitchen preparing many recipes, especially the basic ones, which will allow us to prepare infinite recipes, bechamel is one of these.

Baked pasta with leftover bechamel Recipesprint
Baked pasta with leftover bechamel Recipesprint

On our tables there will certainly be no shortage of baked pasta, timbales, cannelloni, lasagne, crepes, béchamel is indispensable, but what happens if it is left over? Nothing, waste must be avoided and therefore the béchamel must be reused in different ways.

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If after preparing the béchamel you realized that there is too much of it, then we can let it cool well and then we cover with transparent film and transfer to the fridge and we can keep it for a couple of days.

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Here’s what you can prepare with leftover béchamel sauce stored correctly in the fridge. Let’s think about gratin vegetablesbetween one layer and another of vegetables we add the béchamel so they will be super delicious.

Not only that you can also prepare baked pasta and season it with bechamel and then freeze it, so at the right time you take out the pasta and reheat it in the oven, you’ll make a great impression.

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Even a beautiful one zucchini parmigiane it can be prepared with leftover bechamel, Click here to discover the complete recipe.

Another recipe you can do is make some dumplings stuffed with minced meat, tomato, they are prepared in no time, the dough does not have to rise. It would be a good idea to serve them for dinner or on a special occasion.

Can it be frozen?

Béchamel usually doesn’t freeze, but you could try this by storing the cooled béchamel in an airtight container. We can keep the béchamel sauce in the freezer for a couple of months. When we need it, we take it out, put it in the fridge and then we can use it after it has thawed completely. We should put it in a saucepan, heat it and add some milk and you will see that it will seem freshly made.

Baked potato and vegetable pie with leftover bechamel Recipesprint
Baked potato and vegetable pie with leftover bechamel Recipesprint

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