“I was 12 years old.” Takla Chamoun reveals the details of her sexual assault

Takla Shimon.. topped up Lebanese artistTakla Chamoun search engines on Google, after she revealed secrets about her personal life for the first time, and sparked controversy with these statements on social media sites.

Takla Shimon’s statements

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Takla Shimon

Takla Chamoun: I was molested at the age of 12

The artist Takla Chamoun stated during the “Book of Fame” program that she is displaying it for sexual assault and harassment From some people when she was young, at the age of 12, saying: “There is no girl who is not subjected to physical exploitation or harassment.”

added Takla Shimon She was subjected to harassment, but she confronted it with strength and ferocity, saying: “I was raised in a priest’s house and I am very afraid of making mistakes, and I have great respect for my body.”

Takla Chamoun refuses to present kissing scenes in artistic works

Takla Chamoun explained that she refuses to submit Scenes with kisses In artistic works, the reason is the Arab society, which does not accept these scenes, saying: “Intimate kisses in Arabic works are forbidden to me.”

References Shimon “When we live in a society where we can sit in a park and kiss my beloved without any problem without anyone looking at us, there will be no problem, because television is the mirror of society.”

Takla Shimon

Actress Takla Chamoun is afraid of illness

And revealed Artist Takla Regarding her fears in life, she said: “I am not afraid of getting old, but I am afraid of illness, and how I will die and say goodbye to this life. This is not pessimism or despair, but rather realism.”

Artworks by Takla Chamoun

Takla Shimon participated in many… Artistical worksAmong them are the series “Bride of Beirut, Julia, 24 Carat, The Visit, and The Peasants’ Revolution.”

Takla Shimon’s latest work

And it was Takla Shimon’s latest workIt is the series “The Innocent”, starring Carmen Bsaibes, Badie Abu Chakra, Yorgo Shalhoub, and Sasha Dahdouh. The series is written by Maryam Naoum and directed by Rami Hanna.

Takla Shimon

Information about actress Takla Chamoun

– I was born Artist Takla Chamoun In December 1966.

Takla Shimon She is 57 years old.

– Live Takla Shimon In Beirut, Lebanon.

Takla Shimon She obtained a postgraduate diploma in directing and acting.

Takla Shimon

Takla Shimon

Takla Shimon Married to Lebanese director Tony Faraj Allah.

Takla Shimon She has no children.

Takla Shimon She participated in many cinematic and dramatic works.

Takla Shimon She began acting in 1992 with a small role in the movie “Naji Al-Ali.”

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