I realized that my story could help other people

She was the guest of the episode on Sunday 14 February Eleonora Pedron. The former Miss Italy, who recently graduated in psychology, spoke about her academic career in a long chat with Silvia Toffaniwhere his most difficult moments emerged, but also the most beautiful ones, linked to the love for his partner Fabio Troiano.

The finish line of graduation

The degree arrived recently, but to reach this goal Eleonora Pedron studied hard after years of not picking up books: “My mom cared a lot about it. It was a dream of mine but also a dream of hers. She lived the entire journey with me, which was not easy especially given her age. Going back to study at 40 is not easy. It took me three years.” This beautiful achievement arrived in one of the most difficult moments of her life, after the death of her father which was added to that of her sister, who lived as a child, so much so that on the day of the proclamation she wore a t-shirt that was from her Pope:

When I wrote my autobiography I had the opportunity to put my whole life on paper. When I read it again I said to myself “did Eleonora really do all this? Was she able to carry on despite everything?”. I understood that my story could be helpful to other people, and so I approached the world of emotions. I would like to help children who find themselves in the situation I found myself in when I was nine. I will do my best. I would like to get closer to those who experience that type of suffering.

The relationship with the mother

Pedron said that after his father’s death, his relationship with his mother also changed, they both managed to deal with each other even in pain and became even closer:

We don’t often talk about her feelings and what she feels. Sometimes I have trouble talking to her and trying to understand her. However, she has the ability to write what she thinks and get straight to my heart even with just a few words. On graduation day I felt the presence of my father and sister very much. On that occasion I wanted to wear a t-shirt from my father and a ring from my sister. Everyone was there that day. After my sister’s death I didn’t want my parents to have the thought that I was suffering like them, so I tried not to let them understand. They are traumas that remain, open wounds. They change your life, you become another person. My mother always told me that she lives on the surface. If you lose a daughter and then a husband, life puts you to the test. Change is inevitable. She kept going for me and my brother. Her strength was us children.

The bond with Max Biaggi and the love with Fabio Troiano

Then, a mention could not be missing from her relationship with Max Biaggi, the champion who was the father of her children with whom the love story ended several years ago. In this regard, the former miss declared:

I have a very beautiful relationship with Max, the father of my children. There’s a lot of respect. The sense of responsibility must be there and must last over time. Regardless of the choices we make, our children are not to blame. We must continue to be responsible and always respect ourselves for our children. It’s always been like this between us. We have always had a good relationship and there will always continue to be respect and serenity between us.

His heart, now, is filled with love for Fabio Troiano, his partner of five years, whom he met by chance on the train. There is no talk of marriage yet, but their story is really important:

Ours is a loving relationship. I don’t need to say what it means. it is a relationship based on dialogue, on communication. We talk to each other a lot. This is how we experience each other’s moods. We are very united. Its lightness makes me feel good. He is never sad or melancholy, he always has a lot of energy.

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