I have a relationship with Greta Rossetti that goes beyond friendship, I go to Gf ​​to get her back

Eugenio Colombo confirms that what he feels for Greta Rossetti goes beyond the friendship that the two professed at the time when the model was still linked to Mirko Brunetti. And he anticipates: “I’m going to the GF’s house to take it back.”

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Eugenio Colombo confirms what had already circulated online a few months ago: the relationship with Greta Rossettiat the time linked to Mirko Brunetti, it would go beyond simple friendship. Chatted for meeting when she was already linked to the man she met during the filming of Temptation Island, Eugene and Greta they would have made it known that they were just friends. But now things would have changed and it is the deejay who tells it in an interview given on the radio show Turchesando.

Eugenio Colombo: “My relationship with Greta Rossetti”

With Greta it was love at first sight, there was chemistry right away. We spoke every day“, this is how Eugenio recalled the relationship he experienced with Greta, a current contestant on Big Brother, “Unfortunately at the time I was in a period of depression also caused by the end of the previous relationship (the one with Francesca Del Tagliandr) and Greta, who is very sensitive, understood it. I wasn’t ready”. Now, however, things would have changed and Eugenio admitted that what he feels towards Greta goes beyond simple friendship:

It’s a friendship but it also goes beyond that, in the sense that Greta and I understand each other with a look, I know when Greta is well, I can hear it in her voice when I hear her on the phone, even before she came in we always spoke to each other. We supported each other. I defended her story with Mirko because I saw them as close-knit. Then I realized that they are too different. Greta needs a man who gives her a little lightness, makes her feel like a child.

Eugenio Colombo: “I’m going to get Greta back at the GF”

When the presenter pointed out to him that just recently, in the House, Greta admitted that you would like to go back with him, Eugenio commented: “So I’ll go get it, I’ll leave right away. I miss her and I miss everything we were. If I found her in front of me, I would hug her very tightly and then what happens… Now I’m ready”.

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