‘I don’t know if I’m single’

Lexa you are living a new moment in your life; and, it seems, her heart already has a new owner after the separation from MC guime. Last Saturday night (21), before starting a Carnival rehearsal at the Unidos da Tijuca samba school court, in Rio de Janeiro, he appeared hand in hand in a video with the new affair, Ricardo Viana. In another video published in the early hours of this Sunday (22), Lexa even announced that she “thinks” she is no longer single.

The videos of these moments were published on the profile of the singer’s mother and manager, Darlin Ferrara. In the first, Lexa and Ricardo have their backs turned and hand in hand as they walk down a corridor at the headquarters of Unidos da Tijuca, the school of which she is the Queen of Drums. The two are escorted by security guards.

In the second, Lexa appears telling fans that “her life is changing” after moving back to Rio de Janeiro. Due to her relationship with Guimê, Lexa lived in São Paulo. “My life is a mess of gossip,” she jokes, stirring up her fans. “I was going to say something very strong here now. Is it for me to say it? It’s that I don’t know if I’m single anymore”, she said, following which she was applauded by her fans.

“I think the line moved this way”, writes Lexa’s mother above the video. Ricardo also posted on his Instagram, where he is followed by more than 700 thousand people, that he was at the singer’s rehearsal.

Later, Lexa posted a video of the two dancing salsa together in the dressing room. Look.

Lexa and the 31-year-old actor have had an increasingly frequent interaction on the internet, with Lexa even leaving comments on Ricardo’s photos using heart emojis and saying that he is a cat.

Lexa comments on a photo posted by Ricardo Vianna — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Lexa comments on a photo posted by Ricardo Vianna — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

When she announced her return to Rio de Janeiro, Lexa received a loving message from Ricardo, who said: “Rio is going to be even more beautiful.”

Sapequinha started the relationship exactly one month after definitively breaking up with MC Guimê, on September 21st. In addition to turmoil in his 5-year marriage, resulting from Guimê’s expulsion from BBB 23, the funk singer claims that he suffered alleged betrayal. The court’s determination that Lexa will have to pay a debt of R$3 million from the MC, from before the marriage, may also have contributed to straining the relationship.

Who is Ricardo Vianna, Lexa’s new love

Ricardo’s artistic portfolio includes works such as Workout: For Happy Born Day, between 2016 and 2017, where he played the volleyball player Giovane; and in the soap opera Crossing, by Gloria Perez, where he played Alex. He is also in the cast of other TV Globo soap operas, such as Totally awesome e Summer 90.

Before his acting career, the Rio native pursued a career as a jiu-jitsu fighter in 2007. He was Brazilian champion for three years. He received offers to fight in the United States, but had to retire from the ring in 2012, at the age of 19, after suffering an injury. That’s when he started studying theater. To deepen his studies in performing arts, he lived in Spain in 2018. There he studied with the director Juan Carlos Corazzarenowned acting teacher in the country.

Even without competing professionally, sport remains an important pillar in the actor’s life: he practices yoga, enjoys diving and surfing.

Vianna has an 8-year-old daughter named Cecília, the result of her relationship with the businesswoman Aline Krykhtine. In September 2020, Vianna’s businesswoman and ex-wife accused him of assault and even opened a domestic violence report. At the time, he confessed to the attack, but stated that the case was “a mutual aggression”. The case went to the Public Ministry and, since then, there have been no public updates on the case.

Reaction on social media

This morning, the names of Lexa and Ricardo Vianna became two of the most talked about topics on Twitter. Many of the singer’s fans celebrated the new relationship; in addition to taking the opportunity to praise the boy’s appearance. However, other internet users used the social network to “alert” Lexa about the past of the new affair. See some reactions.

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