I Cesaroni, Antonello Fassari confirms his return to the cast: ‘In June at Garbatella’

The Cesaroni will have a seventh season, as is now known, but there’s more: in this new chapter of the Italian series there will once again be Antonello Fassari.
It has been confirmed that the seventh season of the show will take place, initially thanks to the clues from Claudio Amendola and the production of The Cesaroni. And now comes the confirmation of the actor Antonello Fassari, who during a recent interview given to The Republic declared that he will officially return to the set at Garbatella in June.
Fassari will once again take on the role of Cesare, the truthful brother of Giulio Cesaroni (a character in turn played by Claudio Amendola).

Amendola was the one who had first “spoiled” about the possibility of a seventh season of the series, telling the microphones of very true: “The Cesaroni are beautiful, eh? Well, who knows…”.

Cryptic, it’s true, but not too much… In fact, from those six little words in the cross numerous suppositions were born on the internet, increasing thehype already very high number of fans, enthusiastic at the idea of ​​being able to watch a new chapter of the epic The Cesaroni.

Producer Verdiana Bixio had also fueled the fans’ hope

Producer Verdiana Bixio of Publispei also joined the chorus of those who gave the public hope, explaining: “Fans have been asking us for a new season for many years, it wouldn’t make sense for us to ignore such a strong request. Our mission is to excite the public with stories that touch the hearts of those who watch them, precisely for this reason with a brand like The Cesaroni we need a strong story… if there is one… it will be done.”

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When will it air The Cesaroni 7 and who will be part of the cast

The Cesaroni 7 will see production begin in June 2024.

For now, the official date for the start of airing of the new episodes has not yet been communicated, although it is likely that the seventh season will be postponed to 2025.
As regards the cast, it is now official that Claudio Amendola, Antonello Fassari and Max Tortora will be confirmed. It seems rather difficult, however, to see Alessandra Mastronardi and Elena Sofia Ricci resume their old roles.

However, there could be some possibility of finding Matteo Branciamore in the role of Marco Cesaroni again in this new season, to the delight of his large crowd of fans.


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