I Cani e Baustelle: the mysterious black vinyl in record shops

(Credit: Volume of Records Milan)

Early in the morning a surprise: a split of I Cani ei Baustelle in a limited version, on vinyl. Now orderable and listenable online


Dogs eh Construction site through 42 Records they have made a little surprise: this morning some selected record shops scattered throughout Italy found around ten copies of a black vinyl. The only thing written on it was “BAUSTELLE DOGS“. The traders put them on retail sale (not on pre-order and not online even on the relevant store stores, apparently). The selected shops were these ten listed below:

  • Rock 86 a Catania
  • Serendeepity in Milan
  • Volume in Milan
  • Name it in Bologna
  • Tosi Dischi in Reggio Emila
  • Black Marmelade Records a Pesaro
  • House of Disco Faenza
  • Backdoor in Turin
  • Radiation Records a Roma
    (both in the shop in via del Boschetto 94 and in the one in via Romanello da Forli 14)

The vinyl, in a limited edition of 1000 copies, as specified “Republic“, is composed of two tracks per facade:

There are two songs but maybe there are four. Two tracks, one on each side: but each track practically contains two songs, same harmonies, one sung by Francesco Bianconi of the Baustelle and one of the Countess, one becoming the other. The titles are also double: “Nabucconodosor – Being alive” is the title of the first track; “Author’s song – The last animal” is the title of the second.

The post from 42records has arrived:

THE BAUSTELLE DOGS. Two songs written and recorded between Rome, Milan, Montepulciano and Bologna in 2023. You can find it now on sale on the dedicated bandcamp page. Vinyl and digital. If it runs out, it will be reprinted. Soon also in record stores.

Here you can order it, while below you can listen to the two tracks, side A and side B

The post first appeared on rumoremag.com

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