I am disappointed in my daughter.. Angelina Jolie’s father attacks her after her support for the Palestinian cause

Sunday 05/November/2023 – 10:43 PM

American actor Jon Voight posted a video on his personal page on the X platform, to express his dissatisfaction with the recent statements of his daughter, international star Angelina Jolie, regarding her support for the Palestinian cause.

Angelina Jolie’s father attacks her after supporting the Palestinian cause

Angelina Jolie’s father supports Israel

John Voight sent a message to his followers, saying: I am disappointed by my daughter’s statements, like many of you. She does not understand that the struggle over the destruction of the history of God’s land, the holy land of the Jews, is in addition to standing before heavenly justice.

He added: Animal terrorists attacked Israel, innocent mothers and children, and they are also trying to exterminate Jews and Christians. The Palestinians obtained a lot of money that they did not share with anyone, instead they bought weapons with it, and you consider Israel the problem?!

Angelina Jolie’s statement regarding the Palestinian issue

Angelina Jolie’s support for Palestine

In the same context, I supported Angelina Jolie The Palestinian issue through her Instagram account after the Jabalia Camp massacre, which was caused by the Israeli armed forces, resulting in more than 400 martyrs and wounded, most of them children.

Angelina Jolie expressed her opinion regarding this hideous massacre, saying: This is a deliberate bombing of the besieged population who have no place to escape. Gaza has been considered an open prison for nearly two decades, and it quickly turned into a mass grave, as 40% of the victims are innocent children. In addition to the annihilation of entire families.

She added: Millions of Palestinian civilians, children, women and families, are subjected to collective punishment, in addition to being deprived of food, medicine and humanitarian aid, while the world watches them in silence, which is contrary to international law.

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