Huracán won a final against Argentinos and came out of relegation, at least until Thursday

Hurricane lives. Huracán does not give up. Huracán suffers and every week he is the protagonist of a 90-minute birth, but he is excited with his desire to stay in First Division. He may lack game, be fragile at times, make mistakes and sometimes it may seem that he does not find the ways to create danger for his rival, but in this very difficult fight for relegation, the head is essential.

And this team, which became 15 games without winning between the local tournament and the Copa Sudamericana (yes, he played Sudamericana), he has it: because when the scenario looked adverse, down on the scoreboard, without a good performance and with a complicated streak of three consecutive defeats after a tie vs. Saint Lawrence going around there, El Globo gave a show of character and took three points from La Paternal that could be worth much more…

Because now, although the emergencies continue and will not go away until the last date, both the fans and the members of the team will be able to put their heads on the pillow with a little more peace of mind: Huracán surpassed Colón and Tigre in the annual and will no longer have its name in red at least until Thursday, when the latter visits Lanús. In the worst case scenario, the date will close in a triple tiebreaker against Sarmiento and Vélez, who have already lost. Not bad, especially given how things were going.

From the game, Diego Martinez He knows he has things to correct during the week: his team. It was difficult for him to have the ball and create danger, to the point that it hardly even bothered Arias, beyond the two goals. The double 5 Alarcón-Echeverría It worked more to contain than to create and both dreamer as It hurts They wore themselves out scoring and were left with little energy to attack: go down to Mazzanti to the right wing to form a momentary 4-1-4-1 was not a solution for the coach in a first half from which little could be rescued.

Yes you will have Martínez a very firm certainty: Nacho Pussetto cannot be missing, especially when Cóccaro is not there. The experienced striker, who left everything in Europe to return to Parque Patricios to get his boots dirty in the fight for relegation, It took just 16′ to convert a double that relieved Huracán (more than valuable Mazzanti, with a great assist in the first goal). His presence is the key to explaining this 2-1 final: with him on the court, the Globe began to find play in the offensive zone, had greater mobility and felt, fundamentally, that intangible feeling of playing with such a good card. powerful. Came for this…

What is left for Guede? They are Argentinesotherwise irregular in this LPF Cup, showed that it is in full restructuring and that it lacks creativity in the 3/4 zone to assist its two tanks, Avalos y Gondou. That, precisely, was her problem on the night of La Paternal, more than anything in the complement.

He lacked a hero, perhaps. Because in Huracán, when Zorro was not there, Pussetto said present: with him, staying in First Division is possible…

The goals of the match

Argentinos Juniors 25-10-2023

Redondo scored 1-0 for Bicho

Hurricane 25-10-2023

Pussetto tied the game

Hurricane 25-10-2023

Controversial penalty and Pussetto made it 2 to 1 for Huracán

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